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#Bringbackourboys goes viral

Israel’s digital diplomacy has already had an amazing success. Initiated by graduates of the University of Haifa’s Ambassadors Online program, the “Bring Back Our Boys” online campaign on behalf of the three kidnapped teenagers has attracted global attention.Over 79000 people have :liked” their facebook page.

Bring Back Our Boys

On Thursday night (12 June), three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped in the West Bank. Israel is engaged in an intensive operation to return Gilad Sha’er (16), Naftali Frenkel (16), who has dual Israeli-American citizenship, and Eyal Yifrah (19) to their families.

The Palestinian terrorist organizations, foremost among them the extreme Islamist group Hamas, are committed to the destruction of Israel and to carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. Hamas does not need any reason, excuse or incentive to murder and kidnap Israelis. Terrorist attacks are nothing less than Hamas’ raison d’etre. Dozens of attempted kidnappings have been foiled in the last year alone.

An Israel Foreign Office Spokesperson said

The kidnapping validates Israel’s assessment that the pact between PA President Abbas and Hamas would strengthen Palestinian terrorist organizations, push peace further away and destabilize the area.”

#BringBackOurBoys originates from the the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, first used last month as part of a social media campaign on behalf of Nigerian schoolgirls also taken hostage.

Readers are encouraged to help spread the viral campaign in support of Eyal,Gilad and Naftalie by spreading the hashtag #Bringbackourboys.

Take your own photograph and place them on all social media accounts. Leave us a comment and show us what you did!

Bring Back Our Boys2

Remember the golden rule of social media. If you are not sure how to use it, ask somebody under the age of seven.


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