#BringBackOurBoys: How Can We Make a Difference?

As Israel’s Spokesperson at the United Nations, I served on the front lines of many crises filled with tragedy. Operation Cast Lead, the Gaza Flotilla, the Itamar murders, the campaign to bring back Gilad Schalit – in each of those moments, I had to act as a professional, walling off my emotions so that I could operate efficiently – and take care of the task at hand.

At the UN, there was no time to feel. Just to act.

On Friday afternoon, I found myself in a different position. This time, tragedy struck Israel – and I had no statement to prepare for the Security Council, no reporters that I needed to call, no members of my team to whip into action. Instead, I felt the tragedy like all other Israelis – like all other moms. My heart broke. A pit welled up in my stomach. My thoughts turned to the parents.

Then, the grassroots campaigns begin. The truth is pretty simple: there is not much the average person can do to help bring back Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal. The #BringBackOurBoys campaign isn’t likely to change the calculations of terrorists. Writing a blog post about how I feel as an Israeli mom watching the tragedy won’t bring back our boys.

Israelis and Jews are people of action. We need to feel that we are making an impact – some way, somehow. We take action not only for the families and their three precious boys — we act also, in some ways, for ourselves.

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So join us and take action right now. We need your help in compiling a book of photos, messages, and words of encouragement to present to the boys’ parents: Racheli & Avi Frenkel, Bat Galim & Ofir Shaar, and Iris & Ori Yifrach. The parents need our support and we need a way to help.

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About the Author
Karean Peretz is the Director of Communications at Jerusalem U. Prior to this, Karean worked as the Spokeswoman for Israel’s Permanent Mission to the UN with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Karean was in charge of external communications, press and social media efforts. She managed relationships with international media outlets for the visits of Israel’s Prime Minister, President, Foreign Minister and other senior governmental officials.
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