Britain wake up to the facts

As a loyal British subject, I am absolutely appalled at the conduct of the British political scene. In many circles, they are calling the behaviour of Israel as reminiscent to Nazi Germany. It is hard to believe that politicians, the calibre of Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband could be so vehement about every action Israel is taking. Nick Clegg seems to be on a personal bandwagon as though this was his final hurrah in British politics, which well it could be as his Sheffield seat now looks fairly vulnerable to him. He is using this as a personal embarrassment to the Prime Minister in an effort to show the British public that his party are not cronies to the government and to let the electorate know he has a voice of his own- a very dangerous thing to do. With regard to Ed Miliband words fail me. What respect can he hope to get from non Jewish voters when he is clearly seen to be turning against his own people?  It is apparent that he is turning against all his principles (if he has any at all) to seek the vote of the very people who are attacking Israel.  Among the very nasty incidents in recent weeks the Jewish Film Festival which is held annually has been cancelled.

To show how serious this is getting, we now see George Galloway actually declaring that the city of Bradford to be called “an Israel free zone” and Israeli tourists are not welcome. It seems to me that if Israel opened its borders and hundreds of rockets came flying in it would still not be good enough for the British establishment.  Meanwhile, the biggest danger in the Middle East ISIS, are continuing to overwhelm Iraq, are persecuting tens of thousands of Christians, even to the point of telling them to change their religion or perish. They are now entering Lebanon but that is completely ignored by most international communities until their menace reaches such a proportion that things will become too late to take any action. It is inconceivable that the British government should want to stop sending arms to Israel and yet has been sending millions of pounds of aid to the rebels in Syria who are now ultimately proved to be mostly consisting of ISIS.  Such double standards are immoral.

Without being a scaremonger, this appears to be giving all the anti-Semites in Britain a chance to come out of the wood. I pray that things do not reach a parallel to what is happening in Paris where Jews are frightened to walk with their skullcaps on and thousands are having to leave their homes. I always thought that this country was called Great Britain, but the present situation makes a mockery of the word. Before the last war it took a Winston Churchill to wake the public to the danger. Maybe someone in the United Kingdom could rise with the same Churchillian influence.



About the Author
Harvey Green is now retired but in his younger years was part of Zionist youth groups. He is a proud Zionist and takes a keen interest in the Middle East. He painted his house blue and white after the Six Day War.