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But Bibi is a chickensh*t!

The Prime Minister has endangered Israel by playing fast and loose with its single most important ally

Remember all those times Bibi found it politically expedient to throw the Obama administration under the bus?

Remember when Bibi appeared in Mitt Romney’s campaign video?

Remember when Bibi stood in front of television cameras and made his “this is a bad deal” speech to the world with regards to the West’s decision to stop certain sanctions against Iran during negotiations?

That was a really effective speech…for Iran, since it placed Bibi and by extension Israel in opposition to the very world powers we need on our side the most.

All of the above are reasons why Bibi is a pygmy when it comes to international relations rather than the diplomatic giant Israel deserves. But that’s not what makes him a chickensh*t.

Remember when Bibi served in the elite Sayeret Matkal, risking life and limb for the state of Israel? It was a while ago and a lot has changed in him since, mainly the fact that whereas once he was willing to risk his life for the people of Israel, now he isn’t even willing to risk his career for us. This is what makes him a chickensh*t.

Remember when Bibi asserted each consecutive year for four years that Iran was “one year away from a nuclear weapon”?

Remember when he threatened to take action against Iran and didn’t? That move prompted a near rebellion from his senior military and intelligence staff.

Remember when he called up the reserves and then didn’t go to war with Hamas, only to be forced into one two years later when Hamas was ready for us?

Remember when Bibi decided that it was more important to release murderers back into Palestinian society than it was to freeze building plans in East Jerusalem?

These are the reasons why the Prime Minister is a chickensh*t, an outright coward.

A true statesman, a man worthy of the title he holds would have been able to skilfully exploit the weaknesses of the Obama administration to his own advantage. Instead Bibi took his overinflated ego to the press and to congress and to Obama’s domestic rivals and inflamed the situation time and time again. The United States doesn’t need Israel, Israel needs the United States. Quite frankly I would rather Bibi didn’t play fast and loose with the relationship that is the single most important pillar of our foreign policy.

But as long as Bibi can stand up in front of those cameras and talk about not bowing to pressure he’s happy. For Bibi it’s all about looking Prime Ministerial rather than being the Prime Minister Israel deserves.

Time and again he has shown that he is more interested in what’s going on in the Knesset than what’s going on in Israel. Netanyahu has done nothing for Israel other than build the bare minimum demanded of him by right wing coalition partners and he’s done it simply in order to remain Prime Minister. He is now the second longest serving Prime Minister in the country’s history and what does he have to show for it?


He could have gone down in the history books as the Prime Minister who came to a deal with the Palestinians, but he’s been too busy undermining them. He made a speech about how Abbas and the PA have to take control of Gaza’s borders only to constantly discredit Abbas in the eyes of his own people by building more and more and more, gaining Israel nothing in the process. All to maintain a coalition whose sole purpose is keeping him in his position of Prime Minister. He’s so toxic that he couldn’t even attend the conference deciding the future of Gaza which was attended by the very people he told the UN (and us) were Israel’s new allies.

We deserve better.

Israel deserves a leader who is willing to do what is right for Israel even if it means hurting his career. Netanyahu’s rule has seen some of the worst civil unrest in Israeli history, it has seen war and it has seen every country in the world turn its back on us because of, not in spite of, his efforts. Whoever it was who called Bibi a chickensh*t was venting the frustrations that Israelis have felt for a long time. It’s a shame it took an American to say it for us but it is the truth.

Bibi is a chickensh*t!

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Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada
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