David Brent

Calling for Facebook Posts

Israel is in a difficult situation and needs your support. “What’s new?” you might ask. What is new is that Israel is fighting back. Israel is no longer tolerating missiles being launched from Gaza on its civilian population.

I am asking for something very simple. Post your support for Israel on Facebook. The USA State Department issued a statement in support of Israel. Why can’t you do the same?

I am disheartened by the lack of status updates on Facebook by people who know what is going on in Israel, watch news reports of the hundreds of missiles that are being launched every day, see how over half the population has to live under the constant need to seek shelter when sirens sound, but don’t care enough to say anything about it. What do I see on my friends’ Facebook pages? Status updates about where they went to dinner last night. Life is not going on as normal. Not in Israel.

I know that posting status updates in support of Israel may open you up to attacks from friends who want to blame Israel for all who are suffering in the Middle East. Standing up in support of the Jewish people has never been easy. But it has always been important.

Understand that only the USA has expressed support for Israel’s actions. Other Western Democracies simply call for both sides to exercise restraint. Support for Israel is lacking in the world. Israel needs you to stand up.

Understand that the suffering in the Middle East is being caused by Islamic Fundamentalists funded in a large part by Iran. These Islamic Fundamentalists attacked our Embassy in Libya, attack our soldiers in Afghanistan, murder civilians across the world from Kenya to India, and the list goes on. Israel is on the front lines.

The attacks from Gaza have little to do with Palestinian statehood. They have everything to do with ending the existence of a Jewish state in the Middle East. Hamas has no interest in a two state solution if one of the states is Jewish.

Peace between Palestinians and Israelis exists. It exists inside the state of Israel where Palestinians’ rights are insured by Israel’s government. I live in Haifa among Muslim Arabs and we are at peace. I travel to Nazareth and Sakhnin in the Galilee often, Muslim Arab cities where I feel comfortable and at peace and where you can find the best humus and knafeh. There are problems but they are being addressed through dialogue. Peace only doesn’t exist where fundamentalist Islamists have organized.

This is a simple case of right and wrong. Right and wrong are being confused by lies told by anti-Semites. Israel needs your support. Israel needs you to state loudly and clearly that you know that they are in the right and that you support their actions to defend themselves. It is easy to do. Post it on Facebook.

About the Author
David Brent is a NASA engineer with a master's and bachelor's from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology turned candy entrepreneur. He made aliya in the spring of 2013. David commutes between Israel, where his heart is, and Florida, where his business is.