Can Free Online Legal Platforms Replace Customary Consultation for Startups?

Lately, we have been hearing of numerous innovative online legal platforms, which are to replace the average legal guidance to which we have grown accustomed. Instead of spending large sums of money on rather mundane and technical work, now one has the possibility to receive basic legal agreements and contracts through free-bee online legal platforms. This could prove to be crucial especially for startups, who lack initial funding for hefty lawyer bills. Such bills could prove to be quite a burden for the young entrepreneur, now eliminated by granting free access to a wide variety of legal paperwork.

Though this may seem like a legal paradise, one must ask oneself if has he indeed the knowledge and experience to sift through all these free documents, and examine whether they are appropriately drafted. Again, this may seem crucial especially for startup pioneers, who lack previous experience and familiarity with the business world, and might need a guiding hand in order to navigate through it successfully. Tempting as it may be for the young entrepreneur to save a substantial sum of legal fees while taking his first steps, this might prove to be a worthy investment when regulators and controllers come knocking. In many cases, lawyers, after getting to know the client on a deeper level, know how to present their clients appropriately, and convey their vision to an ever-present watchdog. Very skillful lawyers have also, over the years, nourished and cultivated sustainable relationships with the various regulatory branches, from which the client would benefit while trying to get his startup off the ground.

This is particularly important in Israel, where regulatory framework is rather rigorous. According to OECD findings, the degree of the Israeli government’s involvement in local business is one of the highest among Western countries. If so, it may seem that if you are trying to cut expenses as a young entrepreneur, abandoning standard legal consultation is probably not the best way to do it. On the contrary, this may seem to be a valuable investment, which could save a young, inexperienced entrepreneur a great deal of trouble further down the road. Indeed, though free-bee online legal platforms may seem attractive, they are more intended for an experienced entrepreneur who is seeking to advance a project that is not too complicated. Young new entrepreneurs who have not yet been acquainted with the local regulatory framework would find it hard to make it with just a few free-bee papers.

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Sharon holds a Master's degree in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and the prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies, commonly referred as Sciences Po. During her studies in Paris, Sharon had interned at the Permanent Mission of Israel to the OECD, and was selected as spokesperson on behalf of the European Union of Jewish Students at the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva.
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