Can Miley Cyrus Save Israel?

Miley Cyrus may be the sour point for Jewish parents in 2013. The young innocent girl that captured clean-cut hearts when she played “Hannah Montana” has turned into a tongue-wielding, twerking 22-year-old whose highly suggestive performances are now making her fans scratch their heads (and hopefully that’s all they’re scratching.)

Then we heard about Miley’s comment that she doesn’t want old Jewish men who sit behind desks in the music industry to tell her what her generation wants, much to the dismay of some Jewish men.

Not to fear!  Some friends, animals, and I have gotten together to sanctify Miley’s rebellious ways and turn them towards defending Jewish rights in the land of Israel. We in Israel, and especially in Judea and Samaria, are losing our innocence—or at least we should be. We’ve gotten beaten around long enough by decrepit politicians, Jewish and not-Jewish, who want to dictate to us where we should live, how we should act, how we should behave, what we should want, what people should want of us.

We’ve had enough. Channeling Miley’s defiant spirit in her song “We
Can’t Stop,”
we are saying: WE, JEWS, CAN’T STOP. We can’t stop building, loving, praying, doing what we want in our land. Too quote Miley, “Only God can Judge ya. Forget the haters, cuz Somebody loves ya.”

So yes, Miley, we shall all be redeemed. And when Miley tours Israel next year, she will find a warm home in Israel and even the “West Bank,” whether some old Jewish men like it or not. Let’s twerk the land of Israel together!

About the Author
Orit Arfa is a journalist and author of "The Settler," a novel following the journey of a young woman into Tel Aviv nightlife following her eviction from her home in Gaza in 2005. Like her heroine, Orit is a good girl gone better.