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Can SJP be disbanded?

calls for action against a politically incorrect organization rampant on American campuses

The George Washington University held its Student Org fair promoting student organizations on campus. Entering the gate of the student plaza, one of the first tables I noticed was Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). My initial thoughts were those that would be censored in any publication.

Chloé Valdary is one of the leading pro-Israel activists on college campuses. In her July 28 article, “To the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Letter From an Angry Black Woman,” published in Tablet Magazine, she wrote: “The student organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is prominent on many college campuses, preaching a mantra of ‘Freeing Palestine.’ It masquerades as though it were a civil rights group when it is not.”

Valdary is correct. Students for Justice in Palestine does not promote peace in the Middle East. It advocates for the annihilation of the Jewish State. That is nothing but hatred. The hatred is labeled anti-Semitism. Anti-Israel can be also anti-Semitic because in believing the Jews should not have their state and rather should be “driven into the sea” is hateful.

Recently, Valdary has posted on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, calling for SJP to be disbanded. I condone this call to action! A fair and open-minded discussion about the conflict in the Middle East is one thing. Promoting hatred is another.

Shlomo Carlebach once said that there are usually two parts to the body (such as two eyes and ears), but there is only one heart. It is either a heart to love or a heart to hate. Such a bigoted student organization would choose the latter. Apartheid week, disruptive protesting, and other means of wrongly brainwashing those undecided are disturbing examples that display the hate.

Its mission statement in the Directory of Student Orgs, found on George Washington University’s Division of Student Affairs’ website is, “to bring awareness to the humanitarian and civilian catastrophes in Palestine. SJP will advocate respect for international human rights and petition for policy changes. SJP will also educate the campus and community on the Palestinian conflict, as well as volunteer and fundraise for registered and respected charities that provide humanitarian aid and promote education, health care, economic stability, and human rights for the Palestinian people.”

How about mentioning to promote working with Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East? How about educating the public about the terrorist group, Hamas, or the corrupt Palestinian Authority, which denies rights, such as those to women and homosexuals?

This group has no “respect for international human rights.” Just deception and ignorance. Such values should not be allowed or welcomed on college campuses, which is why this bigoted organization must be disbanded.

When I told this to a friend at my synagogue yesterday, she presented a counterargument: If SJP was to be disbanded, then the Israel advocacy group on campus would have to follow pursuit. This is a flawed argument because Israel advocacy promotes a country that strives for peace while the other promotes destruction. If there was a student organization called “Students for Destroying America,” would that be accepted on college campuses? Allowing a group which would call for the destruction of the beacon of freedom and liberty would be abhorrent.

In the end, the question for some, if not, most readers is not should SJP be disbanded. Rather, can it be disbanded?

About the Author
Jackson Richman is a student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Former fellow at The Weekly Standard. Once shadowed at the Jerusalem Post.