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Can the Whole World be Wrong about Israel?

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Israel and the Jews are on Trial Today.
Vital information to share with your loved ones.

Israel is being accused of genocide and war crimes in the International Criminal Court in The Hague. As if it wasn’t bad enough that we have to fight for our lives in Gaza; to rescue our hostages; to secure Israel’s border with Hezbollah; to protect ourselves from rogue nations like Syria, Yemen, and Iran; and to fight global anti-Semitism in the US and abroad—Israel now has to stand trial before the United Nations to defend ourselves for defending ourselves. It’s easy to feel intimidated by the overwhelming accusations against Israel and the Jewish People. Though it sounds like the theater of the absurd, it’s critical that we and our loved ones are armed with the information necessary to stand up for Israel, the Jewish People, and for ourselves with confidence.

Could the whole world be wrong and just we be right?

The United Nations—the parent body of the International Criminal Court in the Hague—is made up of 193 member nations, only 84 of which are true democracies! When a majority of dictatorial and tyrannical nations condemn Israel, not only is it nothing to be ashamed of—it’s actually a badge of honor! Considering the lack of rights that women have in such countries, it’s hardly rather that the feminist movements under the auspices of the United Nations refuse to condemn—or even acknowledge—Hamas’ sexual crimes against Jewish women on October 7th. When murderous world leaders like Putin and Khamenei, and dysfunctional countries like Mozambique and Syria, tell you that you are not behaving nicely—you know you’re doing something right!

Considering the shameless anti-Semitic bias against Israel over decades, the UN has proven itself to be not only unnecessary but also dangerous. We’d be far more effective to create a new alliance of the free democracies of the world, where the free are not outnumbered and outvoted by fiends.

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Why is South Africa accusing Israel of genocide?

The Coliseum was built in Rome in 80 CE so that its massive entertainment complex would distract the Roman populace from the corruption and cruelty of its despotic emperors. Though we thought that we might have evolved from such simplistic leadership skills in the course of the past 2000 years, history is clearly repeating itself today, as South Africa accuses Israel of genocide in the International Criminal Court.

South Africa is one of the most corrupt countries on Earth with the unusual distinction of its beautiful city of Cape Town being the first modern city in the world to run out of water! This was due to government officials siphoning off critical maintenance funding into their own pockets instead of into the sewer lines. South Africa also has, notoriously, run out of electricity in major cities like Johannesburg, with daily power cuts of up to 10 hours in various regions of the country. More than half of young South Africans are unemployed, leading to staggering rates of violent crime, earning the country the ignoble award of having one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world! Most of the population lives in dire poverty with staggeringly low rates of life expectancy and sky-high rates of infant mortality. Jaw-dropping murder rates in South Africa have made it the seventh most dangerous country to live in the world!

Yet, South Africa has amazingly managed to distract its population from its true problems by focusing the world’s attention on Israel’s fight for her survival over murderous terrorists and brutal rapists in Gaza. In a sane world, one would have expected such a preposterous accusation to have been thrown out in disgust.

As a South African myself, I know that most South Africans actually do stand with Israel—on the side of honesty, integrity, and common decency. It’s only their corrupt government that they need to replace.

South Africa has chosen to shamelessly ignore Hamas’ crimes against humanity—indiscriminate murder and unspeakable torture of innocent civilians, the use of Human shields, using rape as a weapon, and holding hostages amongst other atrocities. Just like the Roman Caesar, South Africa is using the coliseum to distract the population from its real problems. But don’t flatter yourself, South Africa— you are a far, far cry from Rome, and Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa you are no Caesar.

Seven Critical Q&As on The Accusations Against Israel:

So, what is the answer to the question of genocide?

If you haven’t read the news, you’re uninformed. But if you have read the news, you’re misinformed. In order to dispel the overwhelming disinformation around us, we’ve prepared these brief Q&As for you to share with your loved ones, so that they can defend themselves and stand up for Israel.

Who is calling for genocide in the region?

The official charter of the Hamas organization shamelessly and explicitly calls for the genocide of all Jews in the region. Anyone chanting “From the River to the Sea,” is actively calling for the genocide of all Jews in Israel, as they are demanding the erasure of the entirety of the State of Israel—from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea—the entire breadth of the Jewish State.

Israel’s only objective is to secure her borders and ensure the safety of her population. Israel has no interest in attacking anyone that doesn’t threaten her—hence the name of her army is the Israel Defense Force.

Is Israel starving Gaza?

Gazans receive water, electricity, gas, and fuel from Israel for free! No other Arab nation is exempt from paying its own utilities. Since October 7th, Israel has allowed hundreds of trucks to enter Gaza each day, with food, supplies, and medicine, despite the fact that Jewish hostages in Gaza have been denied even the most basic human rights, such as urgently needed medicines and even proof of life.

There are more hospitals in Gaza, per capita, than anywhere else in the Arab world, with two million people being serviced by 36 hospitals! The only reason most of the hospitals are not operating at this time is because of the missiles that were launched from them and the terror bases that they were serving. There are consequences for launching attacks on Israel from hospitals, and only Hamas is to blame for their being shut down since October 7th. If there was truly a siege on Gaza, then why were so many foreign nationals present in Gaza when the war broke out on October 7th?

Each of the leaders of Hamas is a billionaire, living in the lap of luxury, the likes of which would make Palm Beach seem middle class. It is Hamas itself that is starving Gaza by stealing hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid to line their own pockets and to fund the world’s most dangerous terror tunnels, instead of feeding the population that they govern in Gaza.

Is Israel trying to hurt civilians in Gaza?

The IDF is a compassionate army that has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that Gazan civilians are safe. Before entering Gaza, Israel warned civilians In Gaza to leave dangerous areas and told them where they would be safe. 70,000 phone calls, 13 million text messages and voicemails, and 7 million leaflets were sent out to ensure they would be safe.

If Israel wanted to murder the citizens of Gaza, they would have wiped Gaza off the map a few days after October 7th. Sadly, Hamas has embedded weapons and terror tunnels all over Gaza, sadistically manipulating innocent civilians as human shields. In order to find their hostages and to wipe out the Hamas terrorists, Israel has no choice but to carefully comb through every inch of Gaza in order to restore peace and safety to the region.

Why are women and children dying in Gaza?

In countless videos and photos, the IDF has shown the world that Hamas has used schools, mosques, and hospitals as terror depots to store weapons and create terror tunnels. Suicide vests designed for women have been discovered, and there is extensive footage of children being brainwashed to kill Jews and attack them in Hamas training camps.

Why are there so many civilian deaths in Gaza?

In their cynical abuse of human life, Hamas terrorists present themselves as doctors, nurses, and journalists. Even the UN agency to aid Palestinians—UNWRA—has been discovered as a front for Hamas terrorists who abuse their diplomatic immunity to avoid Israeli fire.

Any and all civilian casualties are the sole responsibility of Hamas, who deliberately hide terrorists behind women and children and behind the facade of innocent civilians. Don’t be fooled by the number of civilian deaths in Gaza published by the “Gaza Health Ministry.” This organization is fully controlled by Hamas—the elected rulers of Gaza—and is the propaganda arm of Hamas whose critical role in terrorism is to frighten the world to believe that Israel is killing Gaza civilians indiscriminately. It’s a brilliant form of psychological warfare—it’s critical that you make sure not to fall victim to their attacks on our minds and hearts.

Why is Israel occupying Arab land?

The Jews have lived in the Land of Israel for over 4000 years, ever since G-d Himself gave it to us in the world’s most popular book—the Bible. The Palestinians are the only people in the world that didn’t exist until they claimed that they were occupied by another nation! There is not a single Palestinian leader, statesman, poet, or famous personality prior to 1948, because there was no such nation until it was invented in 1967 when a collection of Arab nations lost the Six-Day War. To call the Jews “colonizers” or “occupiers” of the biblical land of Israel is as absurd as separating the Grand Canyon from the USA or the Eiffel Tower from France. Totally ignoring the facts of human history—it’s a shameless act of anti-Semitism.

Can’t there be another way?

You cannot negotiate with terrorists. When the people on the other side of the table will settle for nothing less than your complete extermination, there is really no common ground. Only overwhelming force will ensure that our savage enemies back away from trying to kill us, as America forced the Japanese to surrender after dropping two atomic bombs.

Closing Thought

As Jews, we are called upon to be “a Light unto the Nations.” We lead with light when everyone else is groping through the darkness. We have never been intimidated by the majority opinions that criticize us. Just as Moses fearlessly speaks truth to power as he defies the atrocities of the African Pharoah, may we too be inspired to do what’s right, even when everyone else seems to have lost their minds.

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