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‘Can We Talk?’

“Can We Talk?” was the late comedienne, Joan Rivers’ signature line.

Whenever she said it, we knew we were in for some hysterical dish.

Can we talk about why Democrats apparently believe that a female politician is more qualified than a male politician?

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingies.

Let’s be honest.

Women are not “better” than men.  Attributing their abilities to their XX chromosomes is demeaning and denies their talents and accomplishments.

Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayer, once said “… I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life. Ouch. Is there some scientific basis for believing that a Hispanic woman is smarter than a “white male”?

Would a man with Hillary Clinton’s track record (Whitewater, Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation, use of a private server while Secretary of State, destruction of thousands of subpoenaed emails, payment of ten million dollars for a fake Russian dossier) be considered as an outstanding presidential candidate?

Despite Clinton’s acts, Democrats managed to drum up a million women and men to march on Washington, D.C wearing pink hats and foam female genitals to support her.

The leading Democratic vice-president contenders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams also get a pass. Their supporters give every uninformed and unhinged thing they say attention and respect.

No one can touch the Isis image of Michelle Obama.

Anyone wanting to learn about the real Michelle Obama should read her bestselling  2018 autobiography, “Becoming”.

She blames white people (especially men) for misfortune after misfortune, including the early death of her father. She writes that his failure to seek treatment was based partly on his desire to “spare himself the feeling of being belittled by a wealthy white doctor” (pg. 223). She gives no evidence to support her allegation. (My review of “Becoming” is at .)

Despite her repeated on-record statements, Obama is so worshipped by Democrats that basement dwelling presidential contender, Joe Biden said he would “love” to have her as vice-president.

There is no modern female Democratic politician who is judged exclusively on her merits and not her accident of conception.

The Democrats have no Margaret Thatcher, a woman so bright that she gave off sparks.
Instead, we have Democratic women caricatures, i.e., Congresswomen uniformly dressed in white to protest of Trump; a Speaker of the House who dramatically rips up the president’s State of the Union speech, hijacks a stimulus bill to pile on money for her favorite projects, gives an ice-cream tour of her luxury kitchen (can anyone imagine a male elected official boasting of his chocolate confections?) while out-of-work Americans wait on food lines.
American women were enfranchised over a century ago!

It’s time to move on from suffragette white (see above).

No one should be judged because of their gender.

People should receive recognition for their individual merit.

Every politician, whether male or female, should be held to the same standard.

The Democratic party has created an alternative class in which certain people have more rights than others.

Their leading female politicians include:

1) a Caucasian who declared that she was a Cherokee.
2) a Tamil and Jamaican who pretended to be an African American.
3) a defeated Georgia gubernatorial candidate who,  nearly two years after the election continues to proclaim that she was the victim of “voter suppression” (racism).
Joe Biden has announced that he will chose a woman as his running mate.

Maybe he knows something that we don’t know, i.e., that having estrogen makes a pseudo Native American, a weed toker and a novelist, better potential office holders than any man, no matter his achievements.

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