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‘Can We Talk?’-Joan Rivers

What went wrong? How in the blink of an eye we hear of Joan Rivers’ death.

After listening to the updates and efforts that were made this past week today we are saddened to hear that Joan Rivers has passed away-and just from going into a routine procedure. WOW-this should stop everyone in their tracks who are planning to have any sort of a so called simple procedure. AND PLEASE think twice if considering elective surgery. I just don’t believe that is what life is all about, so re consider all of that sort of stuff, it may not be so necessary.

Just last week I mentioned Joan’s name in my recent blog post-‘Hollywood Becomes Involved-Toda Raba.’ I did so while admiring her for how she stood up for Israel and well spoken she was most recently on Israel- not once but twice in a short time frame.

Joan Rivers was on the ball at 81 and lucky for us she used her platform.
She had been recently quoted as saying how “humor is truth” and so yes indeed did she speak it loud and clear most recently taking her position for Israel. Please listen: AND

For such a vibrant, hilarious and loaded with energy woman to have passed away for the reasons she did is quite disturbing as much as it is sad. I just wanted to express my respect for someone that brought so much laughter into many of our homes. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I recall Joan Rivers on the entertainment shows often; especially on Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson and Larry King. Years later, my husband and I would continue to tune in to enjoy her appearances on late night well as her red carpet events. Those laughs were great to be had before turning in for the night!

She teaches a lesson how out of such upset in her life-the death of her husband due to suicide – she would turn things around in her life. She needed to survive and she did.

Like Larry King said just tonight on CNN – we will never know anyone come close to who Joan Rivers was.

Melissa, her daughter stated today that her mother would want us all to return to laughter soon. Let us take her words as wise ones because we all know how great we feel when indulging in laughter- and who doesn’t want to feel great!

One of the nicest things I did hear Joan Rivers say in an interview many years ago was how her daughter encouraged her each day of her career-daughter Melissa cheered her on and Joan considered Melissa’s encouragement to be one of the reasons for her success. Among the wisest words I heard her say were as follows: “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why it is called the PRESENT.”

I feel confident that so many people out there would join in saying THANK YOU Joan Rivers for being so courageous a woman and giving us all the laughter! You will be missed by so many people in the world. R.I.P.

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