Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Can You Predict the Future?

Can you predict the future? I can.

How? you may ask.

Simple, I answer.

I open a book. And I predict the future.

Not just any book. Holy books.

It’s nice being able to predict the future. It beats not being able to.

If you could predict the future, you would know where we are headed. And you would know what to think, and what to do.

Because knowing the future, gives us the present and the past. Everything is coordinated. Everything has a purpose.

If you knew the future.

So, you ask, what will happen in the future.


The prophets predicted it.

So all the good thoughts and good deeds prepare the world for Redemption.

Geulah. Redemption. When the good deeds that have ever been done, reveal G-d’s presence for all to see.

Just one more good deed, perhaps yours, will tip the scale, and bring Redemption for the entire world.

May it happen very soon.

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