Canberra Declaration Fiasco

A number of Australian politicians have signed a declaration favourable to Hamas. Even a former Australian Prime Minister, Malcom Fraser. It is called the ‘Canberra Declaration on Gaza.’

Logically it has provoked a chorus of condemnation. And of course, from Australia’s Jewish Community; has a elaborate evisceration of the misjudgment (here).

It isn’t just a statement signed by maligned minor parties such as the Australian Greens, but even major party figures in the Liberal Party of Australia & the Australian Labor Party.

Perhaps these people should have read the statement more carefully. It does not apply caveats where a half-legitimate version would have applied them. From unequivocal opposition to the blockade of Gaza to only denouncing the Palestinians death toll (no Israeli deaths are mentioned, implying to unguarded readers that only Palestinians died).

There is a laughable invocation of the UN Human Rights Council as a source. But ultimately, this ‘declaration’ by Australian present and former politicians, is no laughing matter and should be dismissed for the rubbish and blood libel (against the Israeli military for ‘broad-scale bombing’) that it is.

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Rhoderick Gates is a freelance journalist interested in politics and world affairs.
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