Capitol Punishment

Senior Moment – Sen. John McCain, the man who brought us Sarah Palin and vouched that she was ready to be President of the United States, says Amb. Susan Rice is unfit to be secretary of state because he disagrees with the statements she made following the Benghazi attacks that were based on unclassified talking points she’d gotten from CIA and the State Department.  Does anyone not believe that what’s really going is the old curmudgeon and his echo, Lindsey Graham, simply and reflexively oppose anything Barack Obama does?

Alternative Energy Sources — Rachel Maddow, on the need to take better advantage of renewable resources, commented recently on MSNBC,  “We are not going to run out of wind.”  That’s right, Rachel, not as long as we have the U.S. Congress.  Just think what we could achieve if all that hot air could be harnessed for the public good.

What ‘Red States’ Really Means – Citizens of a number of states of the old Confederacy, red states that voted Republican this year, are filing petitions with the White House to secede from the Union.  Letting them go would help prevent going over the fiscal cliff without shredding the social safety net. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank noted, “Red states receive, on average, far more from the federal government in expenditures than they pay in taxes.  It is the opposite in the blue states…. (And) once the handout states left the union (and took with them a proportionate share of the federal debt), the rest of the country could enjoy lower taxes and the high lever of government services typical of the Northeast, the Great Lakes and the West Coast.”

Swift Boats Coming Back? – Now that we hear rumors Sen. John Kerry might be named to succeed Leon Panetta at Defense – he’d prefer State, we’re told, but Obama wants that for Susan Rice – the old smear sailors of 2004 are revving up their boats to spray their excretive once more and Fox News appears ready to join them at the helm.

Bedroom Eyes — Voters sent Republicans a clear message:  if you’re serious about getting government out of our lives, prove it by getting out of our bedrooms.  When you nominate anti-abortion fanatics like Joe Walsh in Illinois, Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Todd Akin in Missouri, the only thing you do is push women further into the Democratic column.  And when you oppose gay rights and same sex marriage, you are driving away an increasingly influential segment of the population.  I fail to understand why so many righteous Republicans are so obsessed with other people’s sex lives.  

About the Author
Douglas M. Bloomfield is a syndicated columnist, Washington lobbyist and consultant. He spent nine years as the legislative director and chief lobbyist for AIPAC.