Carmelim Region Festivities Start Tonight!!!

The Carmelim Region is hosting weeks of its Taste of the Towns Festivities in time for Pesach 2014 

Spring has sprung (a bit early), and the Carmel is in full bloom. The Carmelim region, from the Carmel mountains to the sea, offers a wealth of events focusing on the flavors, colors, aromas, and sounds of the Carmel.

* Local wineries are hosting wine tastings & vineyard tours as residents of Israel prepare for Passover and local and international tourists look for out of the box day trip opportunities from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. With dozens of wineries in the region, there’s no shortage of wines of different styles and varieties to taste. The Carmel and Tishbi wineries also have kosher restaurants if you want a hearty meal to help you soak up that wine and there are a few boutique wineries in downtown Zichron Ya’acov within walking distance of each other including Smadar, Somek and Poizner. The Binyamina, Bar-Maor and Margalit wineries are all within walking distance of the Binyamina train station.

or for to taste from among 22 local wineries and a host of other locally sourced culinary treats visit the

Ramat Hanadiv Wines & Plenty Festival

April 9th and 10th 6PM to 11PM

for a more complete description check out the previous articles

April 9th & 10th, Wine Festival In Zichron Ya’acov

Meet Master Chefs at Wine & Food Festival

* The traditional Carp Festival at the Fishing Park in Ma’ayan Zvi

April 15th-21st ( the 16th and 17th of April are put aside for the observant Jewish community – on these days all attendees are requested to dress modestly). No overall hours but kids activities are scheduled each day are from 1-2 PM. Info: (050) 756-6600

Fishing park website here: (also in English)

* Equestrian exhibitions at the hippodrome in Caesarea where chariots raced 2,000 years ago.

April 16, 17, 19, 20 @ 11:00 AM  & 1PM

 * Walking tours in the Carmel are accompanied by a selection of children’s songs

April 18; 10:00-13:30: Walking tour in Binyamina – A behind the scenes look at Ehud Manor – the man and his poetry/songs.with song sheets and stories about Ehud Manor. Led by Michal Kendal

* Prehistoric Festival in the Carmel Valley of the Caves

Ever watch the Flintstones and want to spend a day as a prehistoric Stone Age family. Let your inner Neanderthal shine and dress like they did and construct crude musical instruments and discover the bats in the caves & more all where humans roamed tens of thousands of years ago.

April 14, 10:00 AM to 3PM in the Carmel Valley of the Caves

Info: (04) 984-1750;

At the crossroads of Asia, Africa and European bird and butterfly migrations come witness

The Spring Birds & Butterflies Happenings at the Ma’agan Michael Bird Sanctuary

April 18.  Bird banding, butterfly tent, bird walks among the fish ponds.

Info: (073) 241-3843

Dozens of other local activities listed at

Come visit the region Baron Edmund de Rothschild chose as his home away from home.







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