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Cats and Dogs

Not a cat in sight (Free to Use by Tina Nord)

In the United Kingdom, Premier League footballer Kurt Zouma has been sentenced to 180 hours of community service after pleading guilty to kicking and slapping a cat. (The Telegraph June 1)

The United Kingdom is a strange country; cats, and other animals, enjoy the protection of Royalty – the RSPCA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, looks after their interests. Children, however, must make do with the NSPCC, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

While any cruelty or mistreatment of animals is to be abhorred, we wonder why they seem to have a higher standing than humans.

This behaviour is hard to categorise but joins a catalogue of catty comments from the famous, footballers or otherwise. I have heard some myself when sitting catty-cornered to strangers on a bus.

Perhaps we should stop sales of catapults, they could be used with catastrophic consequences. Yes, I categorically demand that we stop catering to the demand for these weapons. I want to be able to take a catnap in peace. Even a passing caterpillar would not disturb me.

But, because I always seek the truth, I do not accept every bit of dogma as fact. In fact, I work doggedly on these articles. I do not want them going to the dogs. I would not stop even for a hot dog. But when I am dog-tired, or feeling sick as a dog, a little hair of the dog might help.

Cats do not usually get on well with dogs. But sometimes the heavens open and it rains cats and dogs – together.

I am getting close to the end of my blog. I must make sure I am in charge; we do not want the tail to wag the dog. This would be a big problem for a dog with two tails. I certainly do not want to be a dogsbody.

I hope that readers will print and look after my blog. I don’t want it to be dog-eared.

They say that every dog has its day, well, Times of Israel editor, I hope this will be mine.

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