Shulamit S. Magnus
Jewish historian

Ceasefire Cynicism

So, there is a ceasefire.

Another idiotic round, for the same [expletive] results. Such fresh, horrible trauma. Four devastated families and friends and work associates and neighbors of people killed on this end, as if, going in to yom hazikaron, there were not enough of such. Over 300 injured. Homes, their furnishings, cars demolished.

And for what??

Why did Hamas and Islamic Jihad start this round, now?

The timing of course, with yom hazikaron and yom ha’atsma’ut this week, was perfect, from their standpoint. With the Eurovision song contest a few weeks away. But that just explains the timing, for maximum leverage.

They are saying that Netanyahu did not deliver on the payoff promises he liberally heaped on them before the election, because he knew that a security blow up would harm his chances. And he did not deliver.

So they reminded him, and us, of who is really in charge.

And this is the man who got re-elected a month ago.

If you promise a bribe to thugs, duh!– don’t miss the payoff, they knee-cap you when you do that. Oh, right. It’s us they knee-cap.

Schools in some locations are re-opening. University in Beersheva will re-open at mid-day, they say.

17 remain hospitalized in Barzilay hospital in Ashkelon, three of them seriously. The first injured, 80-year old woman who could not run to shelter fast enough, remains in ICU. 19 more came in last night, most of them with light-moderate injuries; shrapnel.

Netanyahu used his speech time on yom hashoah– yom hashoah– to proclaim his greatness, his successes: a stump speech. Beyond endurance what he will do on yom hazikaron.

He and Betzalel Smotrich, the racist, misogynist, homophobe MK– whose faction has TWO seats– met for– three hours YESTERDAY, while — which count was it of the over 700 explosive projectiles that hit us since Saturday, were hitting us?

Coalition negotiations, you know. Priorities, after all.

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Shulamit S. Magnus is a professor of Jewish history and an award-winning author of books on Jewish modernity and on Jewish women's history.
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