Tomorrow the world!

‘Palestinian teen killed by IDF south of Hebron’

Times of Israel: March 19, 2014

An all too familiar headline, an incident with consequences that may far outlive the day and serve only to produce many more of the same in others yet to dawn.

I have the sense that Israel is starting to lose this one, big time. It may be that this feeling has already communicated itself to Israel’s friends, neighbours and enemies, if not to Israelis themselves.

Is there now any way to retrieve the situation, to reverse this almost inevitable decline into much greater conflict and increasing tensions?

There are occasions in life when you just have to step back from the immediate moment and try to see where it’s all heading. And realise that what’s apparently on view may not have the most pleasing of aspects.

Time then to redirect matters along a course radically different from all those previously encountered.

Or would you prefer things to remain just as they are; no change in outlook, no real expectation of tomorrow being any better than today?

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