Changing of the Guards in Israel’s Next Government

This title can’t be truer to the word. Running defense never works – as the old idiom goes “cut the head off of the snake” – is the way to take our enemies once and for all understand that Israel will forever exist and we are the leading force in the Middle East.

Israel has managed to survive all these years through its strength, ingenuity, intuitiveness, brazenness, intelligence and foresight. This thought process has held true until and even before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Bibi (69 yrs. old), who is plagued by one wrongdoing after another whether by him or his wife has chosen to play it safe at the expense of our citizens especially the ones living in the south. Instead of standing tall as an exemplary and courageous leader, he let down its citizens showing Israel as militarily weak – not seen before. Our folks form the south had to stomach an onslaught of over 400 rockets from Gaza that led to deaths and many injuries and our response was not the game changer we needed.

Buying time sweeping dust under the rug never cleans the floor or in this case we only perpetuated the problem and “kicked the ball downfield”.  Israel has to return to its roots and to take the offense to protect our country once and for all. We all know that you cannot negotiate when you’re on the defense but only with strength.

We need the younger generation to represent us to fight for our country with all our might, vision and intelligence to protect our citizens to uphold our strength. Israel is a superpower in the Middle East, but these recent events from our government were an embarrassment!

We have the good fortune to have Naftali Bennett (46 years old) and Ayelet Shaked (42 years  old) – two young superstars to represent the vision we need.

Naftali Bennett (Naftali), an Israeli born to American parents from San Francisco, like me. He was an IDF warrior Sayeret Matkal and Maglan – the most prestigious special forces units in Israel. In 1999, he co-founded, and co-owned, the US company Cyota, operating in the anti-fraud space, focused on online banking fraud, e-commerce fraud, and phishing, later sold in 2005 for $145 million. Also, he served as CEO of Soluto, an Israeli cloud computing service, sold in 2013 for a reported $100–$130 million. On top of this he is a devout modern Orthodox Jew with deep Zionist roots. And coming from parents from San Francisco, one understands that if Naftlai is a devout practicing Jew, no question, this is the “real deal”.

Since 2015, Ayelet Shaked has been our Minister of Justice . She began her career in the Tel Aviv high-tech industry working as an engineer at Texas Instruments. In addition, she served as an infantry instructor in the Golani Brigade, serving in the 12th Barak (Lightning) battalion and Sayaret Golani.

What more can we ask — Naftali speaks fluent English, a warrior, a high-tech entrepreneur during Israel’s early stages that helped put Israel on the map as did Nir Barkat and a seasoned politician. Then there is the young vivacious Ayelet Shaked, who shakes heads around the Knesset who too was a female IDF warrior and senior high-tech executive.

As time goes by, the Hamas missiles become stronger, more powerful and accurate – all NOT to our benefit. Bibi had and even has a window of opportunity that Israel has never before had in its history to take out Hamas or any foe for that matter once and for all. President Trump, an ardent supporter of Israel, and son-in-law who is Modern Orthodox, whose daughter went through a full conversion process to become a Jew, is all in Israel’s court. Now, with the US embassy in Jerusalem is even a further demonstration of support from the US President for Israel – not ever seen in the US. What about Nimrata “Nikki” Haley who currently serves as the 29th US Ambassador to the UN who vehemently opposes the zillions of anti-Israel resolutions/rhetoric never heard of or seen before.  With the current US administration and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, we have a unique opportunity to solve this problem once and for all and Bibi threw this away and turned his back on Israel.

Instead of ducking under a rock, Israel must take “Bull by the Horns” and topple Hamas and those evil doers once and for all. Our soldiers are trained and skilled to take on these tasks. Unlike Tzuk Eitan, under Barack Obama, the on-again off-again fighting tactic ended up killing and maiming many innocent soldiers. Under the Trump administration, this is off the table and Israel has a clear path forward.

Even on a recent dive trip in the Sinai, I had the good fortune to meet an engineer who participated in Tzuk Eitan, responsible for demolishing tunnels. He watched his friends and fellow soldiers get slaughtered and murdered and even saw ten-year old children running up to them with a belt of explosives in front of their parents to blow themselves up. But luckily, the explosives malfunctioned and didn’t detonate. The parents were ready to have children take their lives as “sacrificial lambs” for crazy ideological beliefs that have no place in the world.

Just saw a movie over the weekend, “The Children’s Act” about a British judge who sat on a case in London about a boy age 17, just months away from being 18, dying of Leukemia. His parents were part of the Jehovah Witness cult movement who indoctrinated this poor boy to believe that a blood transfusion that would prevent his ultimate death, in the eyes of their beliefs is a sin where this is considered contaminated blood. The parents asked the court to let respect their religious wishes, stand idle and ultimately let their only son die and suffer. To make a long story short, the judge went to visit the boy at the hospital to understand why he was against having a blood transfusion. He didn’t have a solid reason or one that she truly believed but rather spewed the words of their cult elders. While visiting the boy at the hospital, the judge sung with him while he played his guitar – truly reaching his heart. She returned to court and ruled that because he was under 18, his parents cannot take his rights under the “Children’s Act” and therefore allowed the hospital to give him blood transfusion and all the medical help needed. This transformed the boy’s life and he forever realized the sanctity of live knowing  how close he was to death. He turned away from the Jehovah’s Witness and was forever attached to the judge who saved his life that he felt beholden to her. In fact, he loved her for the love she gave him that she never witnessed with her parents who were ready to let him die.

Going back to the parents of Gaza willing to sacrifice their children is insane. If they truly believe in their cause, then let them kill themselves. Their parents are outight murders who have chose to put these young innocent beautiful children who they brought into this world on the butcher block. What religion supports such atrocities?

Our politicians must not be politicians but our representatives to ensure our safety and lead the country as we have throughout most of our history. We need elections and its high time that Bibi start writing novels, doing book tours and giving speeches around the world. This would be his highest and best use. It’s time for Changing of the Guards.

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel and has over 25 years’ experience in the US real estate industry, primarily in the multifamily sector.