Cheap ideas from the cheapest of minds

US State Senator Richard H. Black of Virginia, or Dick Black as he likes to be called, has written a letter to Assad of Syria thanking him for saving Syria’s Christians.

In the letter, published in its entirety, Dick Black tells Assad:

“I write to thank the Syrian Arab Army for its heroic rescue of Christians in the Qalamoun Mountain Range. I am especially grateful for the spectacular victory at Yabroud, where the Syrian Arab Army and Air Force liberated Christians and other Syrians who had been held captive by terrorists for several years.”

While many Syrians and Syrian-Americans know that AQ and other terrorists are conducting a criminal war against minorities, lauding a mass murderer like Assad who has tortured 11,000 prisoners to death long before AQ appeared in Syria and who is barrel bombing innocent civilian women and children in their sleep is tantamount to a conduct unbecoming of a US State Senator. Either State Senator Black is as ignorant a man as there ever was in the State Senate or he is as hateful of innocent Muslim women and children Assad is slaughtering like lambs.

The State Senator goes on:

“You have followed the practice of your father by treating with respect all Christians and the small community of Jews in Damascus. You defended their churches and the Jewish synagogue, and you have permitted them to worship freely according to their beliefs. I am grateful for that.”

Defended Synagogues and Jews? During Hafez al-Assad rule, Jews were deported and their assets were seized after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. Today, Baschar al-Assad sleeps in the same bed Hezbollah and Khamenei have made for him. Maybe the Senator should send Khamenei a letter thanking him for protecting the Jews. It makes sense since he believes Assad defends them.

Someone on his staff should have stopped him from this egregious act by researching better who Assad is. There are thousands of videos on YouTube showing how Assad, and in particular the Air Force the State Senator is thankful to, have both killed innocent civilians while marching peacefully in the streets. When they tried to bury their dead, Assad killed those marching in their funerals. That was long BEFORE AQ roared its ugly head in Syria in response to Assad’s terror.

I have a question for the esteemed State Senator Black: What about those Christians in Lebanon Assad killed with abandon? President Rene Moawad, President Bashir Gemayel, Gibran Tueini, George Hawi, Samir Kassir, and François Hajj to name a few. All very well-known political and media figures respected in all of Lebanon. Can the Senator send a letter to Assad asking him about these Christians?

So who is really killing the Christians of Syria? The Assads who have been terrorizing 75% of the Syrian people for over 44 years, thus putting ALL the Christians of Syria in harm’s way, or AQ fighters who have been terrorizing Assad and his supporters ever since late 2012?

When you read a letter like this, you are at a loss for words. What do you say to a man who occupies a seat in a respectable chamber representing the great State of Virginia? You cannot say publicly he is a dick****, which disrespects the State Senate itself, and at the same time, it is hard to ignore him given the Assad killing machine. If the media did not ignore him for his beliefs that a marital rape is NOT a crime, neither should we.

How could Virginians, from Leesburg, a suburb of Washington, elect such a man to the State Senate who disrespects women? No wonder he loves Assad. Dick Black should know about Assad killing women deliberately.

I would imagine if Hitler were alive, State Senator Black would be sending him a thank you letter for defending the Christians when his 21st Panzer Division fought the Muslims in North Africa. It is just another letter to another mass murderer. Cheap ink writes cheaper ideas by the cheapest of minds.

Amongst ordinary citizens, ignorance is a bliss, but amongst elected officials, it is laughable.