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Check Out a Chat Virginia Franco and I had in an International Podcast

Last week, Virginia Franco, an American Executive Storyteller, Resume & LinkedIn Writer, published a podcast where she interviewed me as a successful job seeker. The result was amazing, much better than I could have imagined! Also, when she shared her podcast, all the job seekers helper “gang” (which I follow and admire) gave me amazing feedback about my attitude towards solving this problem (see her original post here).

I decided to transform the podcast (listen to it here) into short blog posts, where I’ll be able to add links that you can click on later and elaborate a bit more on some subjects that I believe are important.

Let’s start with the main takeaways:

  1. Even though you can communicate in English in Israel, it’s important to learn Hebrew. Especially to be able to socialize with locals.
  2. When moving abroad to an unknown country, try to do micro changes.
  3. You’ll receive several “no’s”, but you only need a few “yes’”. Focus your effort on getting those!
  4. Keeping up positivity while listening to several “no’s” is tough. Avoid going through this alone. Have family, friends and professional people supporting you.
  5. Don’t forget to invest in yourself: exercise, read, listen to podcasts and go to networking events.
  6. Got a job offer? Great! But don’t forget to nurture the network you built while looking for a job. Keep going to networking events and keep in contact with whoever helped you during the difficult period.
  7. Pay it forward. “In a world like this, you pay it forward, ’cause more than likely you didn’t deserve it when you got it the first time.” – Mindy McGinnis, In a Handful of Dust

Virginia’s intro to the podcast:

I’m so excited to have with me today Caroline Hauser Slapak. She was born and raised in Brazil. She had spent her professional career working as a management consultant there. When crime was becoming intolerable in her native country, she took a leap and embarked on a new life in Israel in 2015.

Although her Israeli language skills were still rudimentary, with the help of a non-governmental agency, she was able to land her first role as a project manager and a business analyst for a global company where her command of English sufficed. Unfortunately, her position was eliminated within two years as a result of an acquisition.

Surprisingly, her second take as a job seeker was long and exhaustive, and much tougher than her first.

Through volunteering, freelancing and blogging, and by leveraging LinkedIn to its fullest – while continuing to hone her Hebrew language skills – Caroline was hired after 12 months of job hunting. Today, she is a consultant with Moore Management Consulting, an Israeli Management consultant company.

I’m so delighted to have Caroline with me today because this was the first time that I was able to help an international job hunt. Just excited to hear from you, and see what worked, what didn’t. So other people in your shoes could learn from you. So thank you, Caroline.



Thanks for having me, Virginia. I have to say that I loved the introduction! You made it short and very precise. 



Yes, it’s a good story!


Some of the questions Virginia asked me which I’ll write about in the next posts:

  1. Overview of my career history and why I chose to work for an Israeli company even though my Hebrew wasn’t perfect yet
  2. Steps that I took to land this job that were different from the first time 
  3. Why I started to write a blog and how I decided on the subject
  4. How blogging opened new doors for me
  5. How I ended up being able to blog for “The Times of Israel”
  6. My biggest challenge during this process and how I overcame it
  7. What surprised me the most during this journey
  8. What is next on the horizon for me

Stay tuned!

About the Author
Caroline made Aliyah from Brazil in 2015. She has a BA in Business and MBA in Finance. Most of her experience in Brazil was working for business consulting firms (locals and globals). After she made Aliyah, she was "lucky" to find her first job very quickly. The second time she was looking for a job, she had encountered some differences in the hiring process. In an attempt to expand her network, she was constantly meeting new people and exchanging experiences. From these discussions, she understood that the differences are not only specific to the Brazilian job market, but they are very peculiar to Israel. As everybody else, she had to make mistakes and learn with her own failures; some important information she had to dig deep to find them. As a business consultant, she have learned a lot about organization & methods and this is how she's able to summarize them as "lessons learned". In this blog, she'll share her knowledge and practical tools to help all the other job seekers. "Happy is that one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches." - Cora Coralina (Brazilian writer)
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