Checkmate in One

‘Chief security adviser: If talks fail, Israel to become isolated’                   Times of Israel: November 4, 2013                              ‘Israel, PA spar ahead of next round of talks’                                                            Times of Israel: November 4, 2013

Why does everything with an Israeli-Palestinian context always seem so static, so predictable? It’s like being engrossed in a 65 year-old chess match and yet knowing all the while that a long and painful stalemate must be its one and only logical conclusion.

Where is the dynamism, the ability to change the game-plan into something much less ‘status quo’ orientated? Why is there this inbuilt reluctance to fast-forward matters towards some permanent resolution, the continual refusal to take calculated risks with a future in which there is so much that is uncertain anyway?

The true test of greatness in a people is not that they overcome adversity and trial. It lies in how they go about doing that. This is especially so even if their options appear to be only those of the obvious, the conventional, the tired and all too fallible methods of yesteryear.

But some matters will admit of no solution, none whatsoever; not unless a tailor-made means of targeting the subject becomes readily available. Here must be created conditions in which finality and justice are both seen to dominate in equal measure and to worldwide acclaim.

The current state of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations is still very much that of an uphill struggle and has been so right from the very start. It may well remain in this position for the duration unless it discovers an incline down which it can pick up enough speed and momentum to carry it through to final-status settlement or some close approximation thereof.

Some situations really do require the proper incentive to realise their potential. Otherwise, it’s always going to be a long walk off a short pier.

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