Cheerios, Rockets and Red Alerts

Thursday night… two rockets fired on the Tel Aviv Area from Gaza. My daughter and son-in-law, who live in Otef Aza (in Israel on the Gaza border), were in Tel Aviv enjoying a birthday celebration: a night away.
Savta (I) was at their home in Otef Aza watching three grandchildren (ages 8, 4 and 1-1/2 ). Suddenly, I heard the report on the news of the rockets in the Tel Aviv area. Within a short time our planes could be heard loud and clear over the whole area of Otef Aza. There would be an Israeli reaction, that was for sure: Tel Aviv and Rockets would not go unanswered.
Savta is at their home with the grandchildren. The parents in Tel Aviv keep sending messages, worried. They keep checking the updates… so do I. The noise of our planes continues for hours throughout the night. The children are asleep in the secure room.
6am. My oldest granddaughter calls out “Savta, Hurry.. Tzeva Adom (Color Red Alert)!” I run to their room and my dear 8 year-old granddaughter climbs on the baby’s changing table to close the steel covering of the window in their room. We sit together in the room and the dear girl says to her sister: “Now it’s Tzeva Adom…We are safe here together.”
I, too, in all my anxiety, fears and first time being with them when there was a Tzeva Adom, tried to say words of encouragement, when inside my heart was pounding and I was frightened for us all.  In a short time we went to the table and sat down for Cheerios. Suddenly at 6:30.a.m: another rocket attack in their area, and again the oldest granddaughter shouts out: “Tzeva Adom” and we all ran again to the secure room. Again I tried to offer words to calm them and my own heart.
How? Why? So many questions.. no answers…
I look at these three precious young children and my heart breaks.
About the Author
My husband and I made aliyah in 1980 from the States.. living in Jerusalem all these years.. Now with 4 grown children all married and 11 grandchildren all over Israel my life in Israel is very different from what i envisioned when we came.. coping ..loving and supporting and stress are all issues we are dealing with.
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