Cheques and balances

Haredi style judiciary: Cheques and balances.
Haredi style judiciary: Cheques and balances.

Let’s begin where it began – with Begin
who began paying the religious to win.

The religious never cared about the judiciary
it was all about them being the sole beneficiary;
it was never about checks and balances
it was always about cheques and bank balances.

Why are people blaming the religious for taking money?
They are just accepting gifts from their lovely Likud “honey”.

And if Blue&White came to glory and power
they would do like Begin – the story of shower;
turning Lapid and Liberman more and more sour.

With no “bribe-difference” between Likud and Blue-White
the religious are taking us all for a huge ride;
although the Israeli Left is trying to hide
they are not like Begin, but on the better side.

A majority government with Blue-White and Likud;
I wish they would, they most definitely should;
have a long-term strategy that is golden and good.

This would require real leadership
and not the usual car dealership.

The real checks and balances: The “tripartite system” by French Enlightenment political philosopher Baron de Montesquieu. Also called, the separation of powers.
Checks and Balances are designed to maintain the system of separation of powers keeping each branch in its place.
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From London, Britain, Benjamin Kurzweil is sharing his interest in storytelling and comic pun style poems - with a Jewish twist.
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