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Commander-in-Chief Trump Gets It: Iranian Terror Leader Gets Justice

This morning we awakened to justice delivered by our USA military under our Commander in Chief, President Trump, to one of the world’s most prolific purveyors of terror; Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, head of Iran’s elite Quds Force. Amos 5:24 became real, “Let justice roll down like waters,” except justice rolled down from the skies.

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Soleimani appropriately met death in Baghdad where he was responsible not only for menacing our US Embassy in the Green Zone 3 days ago but directly for the deaths of 600 US soldiers and injuries to thousands more in the Iraq War and beyond. In Syria, through Iranian terror surrogate President Assad, Iran’s Soleimani signed off on the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians. A refugee crisis emerged with millions running for their lives into Europe creating chaos and heartbreak to this day. He was a kingpin of constant terror against Israel through Iranian surrogates Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. He also engineered other terror operations around the world.

The middle east chaos which has intensified in recent years was set into motion officially in 2015 with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) under Obama and Kerry. The Democrat duo with smiling faces and smooth words deviously pushed the US and other compliant, naïve nations into a senseless, ill-conceived agreement now mostly known as the bad Iran deal. Lest anyone is under any illusions, while Iran considers Israel as the “little satan,” the Imams consider the US the “big satan.” We are targets.

The deal did not change their 40-year hatred for us when Obama and his sidekick Kerry added weakness to our position as a superpower. The ineptness of the bad Iran deal did not and has not stopped Iran’s quest for nuclear hegemony in the middle east and beyond. The Iranian Imams never intended to stop their dangerous quest. They run an apocalyptic theocracy bent on re-establishing a modern Persian Caliphate at the high cost of oppressing their own population. An Iranian journalist tweeted that “Soleimani was no hero” to the Iranian public. And in recent weeks the Iranian leaders have shot dead maybe 1,000 or more Iranian protesters who long for freedom from their violent theocratic dictators who spend billions, enabled in part by Obama too quickly releasing Iran’s frozen assets in 2016. Below are Obama and Kerry holding a meeting with vets and Gold Star families in September 2015 to explain the “great” Iran deal.

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President Trump wants peace above all and NO prolonged wars with large American ground troops, yet he made the right decision. He first ordered our fine marines to quickly secure our sovereign US territory, the US Embassy in Iraq, our largest in the world. Then last night he ordered the targeted operation against General Soleimani and his terror cohorts, among them an Iran-backed head of an Iraqi paramilitary force. Wisely, our military is on high alert. American civilians have been ordered out of Iraq. We can be sure our great ally Israel stands with us since they are on the front lines monitoring terror every moment of every day for decades.

This is NO BENGHAZI where in 2012 our ready-to-go military was ordered by the Obama administration to stand down, thus creating a disaster there. If Iran gains nuclear and more sophisticated capability, their intentions could include mounting nuclear-tipped, longer-distance ICBMs on a ship, sail it through the Straits of Hormuz, and navigate to the Atlantic Ocean.

BOOM. New York, Washington, Norfolk, Cherry Point, Parris Island, Jacksonville.

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I dread to read and hear the leftist Democrats’ idea of justice and defeating terror which will likely not include President Trump’s decision to save us all in the future from Iran’s Imams and their elite Quds force. Maybe they will follow the example of Great Britain’s Chamberlain who returned from his talks with Hitler in Germany naively telling Brits to rest easy in their beds. “It’s peace for our time.” When facing evil, naivete does not work.

WE the people must BE the mainstream media of truth-telling and true justice.

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