David Weissman

Compared to Benghazi: Trump’s COVID-19 Performance is a Disaster

I am old enough to remember when I was conservative campaigning for Trump and even before the 2016 election, I was always holding Hillary Clinton accountable for a situation that was out of her control, in all reality. It seems as though holding people accountable to the GOP only matters when the person is a Democrat. Republican officials and conservatives would troll Hillary Clinton every day since the “not be forgotten” unfortunate event that unfolded at the United States embassy in Benghazi. The tragic loss of four Americans, including the US ambassador, who was murdered by militant protesters. As educated people are aware, there was only so much Secretary Hillary Clinton could do. Yet, Republicans were persistent in holding Clinton accountable even after being tried by the Republican House. Throughout the general election, conservatives constantly used Benghazi as a propaganda talking point to help Trump win the presidency. Many people would think Niger was Trump’s Benghazi, I would disagree, especially Trump did the exact thing they the Republican Party and Trump himself have accused Hillary Clinton of doing. In the present time, the United States is experiencing a global pandemic, which is called the corona virus, or COVID-19. I label this “Trump’s Benghazi,” as the facts show that Trump knew about the global pandemic back in January when he was briefed by Washington intelligence. He waited 70 days, all the while calling the virus a hoax, along with his media pundits, on Fox News. As of today, there are 525,816 people confirmed with COVID-19 with 20,294 deaths. I can’t help but think how many lives could have been saved if Trump had taken this pandemic seriously. The President should have taken action by informing Governors much sooner and guiding then on how they must protect their people. Yet, his base support and the GOP don’t even slap Trump on the wrist. The polarization of holding government officials is not only neglectful but it is also, fatal. Trump must be held accountable for his lack of leadership because the lives lost, could have and should have been prevented.

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David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is a former Republican and left MAGA and ended his support for Trump. He joined the Democratic party now fighting for the rights of others.
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