Conflict nostalgia

‘Meanwhile, President Shimon Peres reiterated that Hamas was responsible for the situation both in Israel and in Gaza.’

“Israel will not allow terrorists to fire at our civilians, under any circumstances,” he said in a statement Thursday. “Hamas must decide how they want to live – fire will be answered with fire, quiet will be answered with quiet.”

Islamic Jihad announces ceasefire with Israel | The Times of Israel

Whether it’s ‘fire’ or ‘quiet,’ neither of these can be described as answers in any real sense of the word. They are just alternating symptoms, each deriving from a long-running and self-sustaining malaise. No purpose is served other than to keep both sides on a war footing and to prolong a conflict already extended well past its sell-by date.

Now there’s a thought.

For quick sale. Owners upgrading to newer model. (

One conflict, 1948 registration, considerable mileage but still going as strong as ever.

Battle-hardened, reliable, mint condition, many extras included, all the latest electronic gadgetry fitted and every manufacturer-recommended modification installed. Some of these are still under warranty while others come with a full, no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

Regular overhauls and inspections carried out at prescribed intervals, complete service history, all documentation available for immediate download.

All in all, a bargain that has had many thousands of lives expended on its maintenance and billions in hard currency devoted yearly to its upkeep and readiness to engage in combat at a moment’s notice

Ideally, any long-term storage would best be within the confines of a museum or some such facility offering protection from outside elements and a high degree of constant surveillance.

1948 Norman E. Timbs Buick Streamliner
1948 Norman E. Timbs Buick Streamliner

Well, if the price was right, having this parked permanently on the front drive might make any of us proud to own and display such a fine specimen of 20th century conflict nostalgia.

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