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Congratulations world

Until we are encouraged to live together -- not defeat one another -- this region will continue to burn

Congratulations Palestine

Your 5-year-olds are taught to aspire to blow themselves to pieces while killing Jews.

Your 9-year-olds throw rocks, shattering glass on babies as they drive in cars.

Your 15-year-olds throw boulders, killing fathers as they return from holiday meals.

Your 19-year-olds stab mother, father and child as they stroll ancient corridors and cheer as they bleed.

Your 22-year-olds shoot parents dead before their children.

Your women scream, accost, and curse at Jews as they walk holy ground.

Your sons dream of death, of causing it, and meeting it as martyrs.

Your daughters? Who knows what future you give them.

Your leaders turn down every opportunity for self determination.

You live a culture of hate.

And those among you who do not are not loud enough to make a difference for your children who suffer.

Congratulations Israel

Your 5-year-olds suffer from PTSD from the sirens and sounds of rockets falling.

Your 9-year-olds watch their parents die before them.

Your 15-year-olds scream in fear beside their parents.

Your 19-year-olds are in the army, defending their people against those who hate them.

Your 22-year-olds die in wars, bombings and terror attacks yet cannot pray at their holiest site.

Your mothers worry.

Your sons dream of not having to go to war and are learning to hate.

Your daughters wonder when their blood will not be cheap.

Your leaders must break free of the chains of hypocritical world opinion.

And do what is right for all people in this region.

Congratulations World

You have failed both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

You have rewarded murder and blamed the victims by not condemning terror unequivocally.

You have allowed 22 Arab states to shirk responsibility.

You have made deals with the devil.

You have provided billions in aid to be used with little accountability allowing it not to reach those in need.

You have spent hundreds of millions to support terror.

You have excused evil and given it legitimacy.

You allow terrorists to store weapons in your buildings.

You have tied the hands of peace and sway international opinion with misleading journalism over and over again.

You have used this conflict to deflect from your atrocities.

You have placed the worst human rights offenders in charge of human rights and sanctioned Israel more than all other countries combined.

You allow horrific humanitarian crises to wage unchecked across Africa and the Middle East while focusing your lens on the one democracy in the region.

You back down from your own red lines reducing your deterrence to the yelp of a puppy.

You are voyeurs watching this region go to hell as your own warped reality show.

You are now reaping what you have sown.

For this region is on fire.

Until Jews are forgiven for existing and are allowed to live,

Until Palestinians are held accountable and allowed to reach for a future,

Until we are encouraged to live together — not defeat one another —

this region will continue to burn and the flames will come down

On your borders.

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