Congressional Christian Zionists support Israel

When most Israelis, and most people, hear “West Virginia,” most likely the song Country Roads by John Denver is the only thing that comes to mind.

image town hall meeting. photo Begin Center, picture Yes Israel mission

A ‘Town Hall’ meeting organized by Republicans Abroad Israel and Yes! Mission Israel was held last Thursday night at the Begin Center in Jerusalem, Israel.

image DAve McKniley, photo US congressman, picture Christian Zionist

Congressman Dave McKinley of Wheeling, WV, joked that he was not there for the votes. There are only about half a dozen Jewish former residents of West Virginia living in Israel. One I met last week might actually be able to vote for him.

image Bill Johnson Ohio congressman, photo Bill Johnson Marietta Ohio, picture US congressman in Israel

Also on this mission was Bill Johnson, a Congressman from Marietta, Ohio. There were several former Ohio residents present. How many have ever heard of the two small cities these men are from? Both US Congressmen spoke of their Christian background and their strong support of Israel and the hot topic today is Zionist Christians.

A friend found the event boring and left early. She was obviously not from WV, where on Shabbat afternoon the most exciting thing to do was watch the Kanawha River flow. And Southerners do speak too slow for most New Yorkers.

However, the question and answer session shocked many in the audience. Firstly, the honesty of these two men has to be commended. When asked about Jonathan Pollard, BDS movement, and FATCA, they repeatedly said, “This is the first I am hearing of this” and “I am ignorant.”

They promised to go back to Washington and ask questions. Two US Congressman, who go to security briefings so secret that no pencils are allowed, have never heard of Pollard or BDS. And they are friends of Israel in Congress!

What about the other millions of people in United States?

How much less can they know or care about Israel?


Photo credit: The Real Jerusalem Streets

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