Trick or Treat?

‘Palestinian negotiating team announces resignation.’                                Times of Israel: October 31, 2013 ((Halloween)

I feel pretty sure that this was not how the scene was meant to play out.

But, there again, it may be just another ploy, a reaction to moves made previously and which were themselves the result of events taking place even further back along the timeline. Just how far back this trail could lead is anybody’s guess but a span of 65 years might not come as any great surprise.

With the weight of so much history bearing down on decisions and determinations to be made by those presently engaged upon such tasks, a moment of reflection on how to go about taking a very different line of approach and a much more salutary course of action might, in present circumstances, be considered well worthwhile.

Some decisions are best left to fate. But others cannot be decided by the vagaries of an uncertain world. Allowing them to do so would abdicate the responsibility that every man has to his neighbour and himself.

And that can have consequences far above and beyond even those of more immediate concern.








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