John Cronin

Changing the narrative

In Ramallah, Abbas gives Israelis a glimmer of hope | The Times of Israel

US: Peace framework will recognize Israel as Jewish state | The Times of Israel

Kerry’s framework unacceptable to Abbas, says official | The Times of Israel

US peace efforts ‘have failed so far,’ says Abbas | The Times of Israel



It’s hard to know just what to think and where all this is leading.

Will Mr. Kerry’s new ‘framework’ reveal some brilliant scheme to weld both sides into an unbreakable alliance, silencing every objection and criticism that could be leveled against it? Or is it doomed to failure like so many others in the past, one more reason for despairing of whatever good might come from further negotiation?

This degree of uncertainty makes so many demands on all those striving to establish a future freed from decades of conflict and the very worst of memories. If only it could be possible to be rid of such burdens, to discover that the next page in this saga is completely blank, allowing an entirely new chapter to be written there, one that would compensate in no small measure for what, so far, has been a catalogue of unmitigated disasters in Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Or has the story-line been found so enthralling up until now that any major deviation from it must change the narrative beyond all recognition?

But then, this might be the only chance to provide for a much happier ending, one decisive enough to close the book wherein the tale is told.

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