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Conversion, The Orthodox’ Scapegoat


Who “Waters Down” Israel And Torah?

The Rare Questionable “Convert”? Or Millions Of Un-halachic Racially-Pure Jews?

Regarding diluting Judaism, the infinitesimal number of Jews by choice is negligible compared to the multitudes and multitudes of genetic “Jews” who ignore, and often blatantly deny and reject, Torah. Genetic Jews are, literally, several million times more responsible for “watering down” Judaism than a handful of “converts” — most of them, in fact, being truer to Torah than 90% of racially-pure “Jews”!

The even rarer num­ber of those who con­vert though ignor­ing Torah has no meas­ur­a­ble effect on Israel. And if they did, it would be an indict­ment of the fragility and unworthi­ness of post-1830s European Ultra-Orthodoxy; dem­on­strating that the apex of today’s Ultra-Orthodox Rabbinicism can rise to no greater raison d’être than a Petri dish that favors and cultures evil strains of a few puny “converts.” This is no testimony of any divine-rivaling, over­pow­er­ing, diluting-power of a handful of universally-ignored, bullied, slan­der­ed and suppressed “converts.” Such a tragicomic scapegoat is itself a brazen violation of Torah! How far Rabbinicism has strayed and lost its Way to be susceptible to decay from such minuscule influence.

“Conversion” as it’s understood today, is an apostasy from Biblical conversion.

Esau, Jacob’s twin from the same moth­er, is inescap­a­ble proof that the family, and nation, of Israel was orig­i­nal­ly NOT defined by race—mat­ri­lin­e­al or patrilineal!

Esau, Jacob’s twin from the same mother, has always been, and shall always be, the in­es­cap­a­ble proof that the family, and nation, of Israel was originally defined NOT by racism (genetics, matrilineal or patrilineal descent) but by the family spiritual values that were refined over the ages into the Torah codified — written — by Mosheh at Har Sinai.

Moreover, modern rabbis downplay to the vanish point that Tanakh lists 36 transgressions that, lacking teshuvah, result in any “genetic Jew,” whether descended by matrilineal, patrilineal or both, as כָּרֵת (kareit, cut off) — instant goy.

Plugged Incomes + Plugged Outgoes = Stagnation; i.e., Apostasy

Both influx (conversions) and efflux (כָּרֵת) each combine to reinforce the other – refining spiritual, not racial, purity; doubly proving that Israel is defined purely by spiritual orientation to the record in Tanakh. Neither Torah nor the Creator is racist. Every person who is chosen, has been chosen in response to their personal choice to do their best to live according to Tanakh.

Different standards for converts vs racially-pure Jews is racism!

There are innumerable instances of gentiles who have converted, becoming Jews. They are Jews, NOT “converts.” On the other hand, by contrast, there has never been a “convert” in Judaism. Geirim were originally defined, including in Talmud, as transitional trainees — non-Jews learning how to keep Torah in order to convert. But, after conversion, they are Jews, NOT “converts”!

Jews by choice, once converted, can no more be rejected than racially-pure Jews.

One who tries his or her best to keep Torah is a member of the family of Israel – irrespective of their genetics. One who does not try his or her best to keep Torah is not a member of the family of Israel – irrespective of their genetics! The Creator, י‑‑ה, is NOT a racist! The racist is שָׂטָן (Satan)

Jewish racism is not one whit better than Nazi, or any other, racism.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Differentiating in ANY way between a Jew by choice and any other Jew is racism. (The distinction Talmud makes, by contrast to modern rabbis who have lost their Way, is between the geir — pre-conversion trainee in transition — and Israel as 2 different strata, both within the family of Israel.

Diversity of Views Concerning Halakhah

There has always been, and will always be debate over interpretation. Not only is debate healthy, debate is essential to prevent stagnation; and tolerance of differing opinions vital to adapting to a dynamic world and advancing science and technology. Rabbinic intolerance of these things is responsible for the stagnation of rabbinicism, which is invalidly being peddled as Torah / halakhah.

Expelling Jews by choice as an excuse to eliminate criticism of differing views is not only reprehensible and proof of spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy — it is racist.

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