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Cookies of Wisdom: Teaching our Children about War, Love and…Baking Cookies

War what is it good for? I wouldn’t say absolutely nothing. I see people uniting. People are giving. People are nicer; with just slightly less pushing that makes a gigantic difference. It’s that feeling of, I want to do what I can.
That feeling was passed along today to our children who baked 150 cookies to go along in a cookie care package totaling 1,000 yummy treats for our kick ass soldiers. Sure there was slight disappointment when the kids realized that not all 150 cookies would be devoured by them and them alone (causing horrible stomach aches which are normally bad but much worse in war, because honestly no one wants to be caught in the bathroom during a siren).

The cookie baking was another opportunity to come together as a community and more importantly to explain to my son why these cookies are going down south. I got to explain that these soldiers are protecting us from the bad rockets that can hurt us. I explained that the soldiers need to eat something yummy as a reward for their hard work, just like he sometimes (all the time) gets a cookie for listening, helping out or doing good deeds.

Stirring with clean hands!
Stirring with clean hands!
yummy cookies for soldiers
Many cookies.

I’m not sure how much he understood. As we gathered the cookies and drew pictures and thank you letters to our brave men and women, he asked for a cookie. I told him he could have one. He said he would like to have a lot. I explained again he could only have one. He screamed and did that awful flip out tantrum that can sometimes be scarier than a siren or make you feel more insane. Then he calmed down and took his cookie.

It's fun to do good!
It’s fun to do good!

On the ride home he said the other cookies are yummy for the soldiers because they are protecting us from danger. He got it. He finished his cookie. And then he asked for more.

They taste good, I should know.
They taste good, I should know.

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Thank you for keeping us safe!
Thank you for keeping us safe!
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