Coroner’s report

The Coroner ruled that this was yet another tragic case of murder/suicide.

It was totally preventable,” he said in a statement released to the press. “This father and son had a normal, loving relationship, although elements of abuse had begun to creep in as the child grew up.”

The pair, Ran, 30 and Gal who was 6, were found at the side of the road in the family’s vehicle. Ambulance crews attended but both were pronounced dead at the scene.

He never did anything to harm him. He was the total love of his life!” cried the wife and mother of the two victims. “I can’t understand why the Coroner has come out with this ruling. It was an accident, a pure accident.

The Coroner, however, saw things differently.

This is a nationwide epidemic that must be dealt with in the most severe manner. The abuse that these victims undergo may be passive, but it is the worst form of abuse possible. We must take urgent steps to reduce this problem as soon as possible and bring safety and normality back onto our streets.”

The police report stated that evidence showed that the car in which the father and son were found had been travelling at an excessive speed prior to the son being killed, and that witnesses had spoken of the driver tailgating other vehicles and weaving in and out of traffic. One witness, who refused to be named, said that he too was shocked at Coroner’s verdict as he saw the child move from the back seat to the front, seemingly wanting to get closer to his father.

The Coroner closed his statement to the press with a stern warning:

“Any parent who doesn’t insist on restraining their child in the car is guilty of the worst crime possible. In this case, it has led to the death of the child, therefore, in my eyes, constituting murder. As the father was himself also unrestrained, I can only presume that his intention was suicide.” 


As a work of fiction, it’s a little extreme, I know. Maybe, however, if the penalties were more severe, if charges of child abuse or neglect were upheld instead of just a simple ticket for no seat belt, it might, just might start to have some effect. The touchy-feely attempts are clearly not wielding the desired results. I’m fed up of seeing it, of dealing with the consequences, of writing about it.

All it’s going to take is one law-maker, be that a member of the Knesset or a judge, with the gumption to do it. They’ve made a start this week, by trebling the fines for unrestrained minors up to a maximum of 1,000 shekel (less than £200 or $300). I still think it’s not enough. If we could do more, educate, instruct, even threaten, maybe we could cut down on the number of Coroners as well as their reports.

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