Cracking the ‘New Morris Code’ – keeping Hubert H. Humphrey’s legacy alive


Watching the replays of all Twins games at the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome brings back memories of the time I was studying at the University of Minnesota. As I mentioned previously, to help pay for my tuition, I would work at the Minneapolis Star And Tribune Building and sometimes saw Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s dad Jim, who was a well known journalist, and very popular at that time.

In addition, not far away was the Flour Exchange Building where the offices of IS Joseph were located. That is where I received part of my education on the life and legacy of Hubert Humphrey because Gerrie Joseph, the wife of CEO Burton Joseph; was one of Hubert Humphrey’s primary speech writers.

Because the University Campus was very close to downtown Minneapolis, I would often walk to work. My travels would take me directly into the path of the Metrodome. But that was prior to it being built, when there were many older building or empty pieces of land.

Amy Klobuchar Was Involved With The Metrodome And Respected Hubert Humphrey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Construction on the Metrodome began on December 20, 1979, and was funded by a limited hotel-motel and liquor tax, local business donations, and payments established within a special tax district near the stadium site.[21] Uncovering the Dome by Amy Klobuchar (now a U.S. Senator) describes the 10-year effort to build the venue.[22] The stadium was named in memory of former mayor of Minneapolis, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who died in 1978.[23]

On May 26, 2011, Amy gave a speech to Congress honoring the life and service of Hubert Humphrey to mark his 100th Birthday if he was still alive. The link follows

A Key Part Of That Speech:

Humphrey was a compassionate man, but he was no pushover. He never backed down from a fight worth fighting. When he was asked to speak at the Democratic National Convention in 1948, he dove headfirst into one of the most controversial topics at the time — racial inequality. It was a gutsy move, especially considering how divisive civil rights issues were for the Democratic Party. And let’s not forget that as a 37-year-old mayor of Minneapolis — Humphrey’s political career was just getting off the ground. He had a lot to lose. But he was convinced that segregation and Jim Crow were hurting our country, and he was determined to challenge the status quo on the national stage even if it meant risking his political career. That was Hubert Humphrey.

The New Morris Code And Number 47 As It Applies To Amy

You may have noticed that Jack Morris wore number 47 while pitching in a Twins uniform. Applying that to today, when Amy Klobuchar was running as a Presidential Candidate, and Bernie Sanders appeared to have an edge in the Democratic Primaries, Amy suddenly threw her support behind Joe Biden and that was a major turning point in his campaign to defeat Bernie Sanders.

When it came time to decide who Joe Biden would choose to be his running mate, Amy Klobuchar was most certainly being considered for the job. But in the end, Amy pulled out.

A Good And Bad AK 47

When I use the term:

A Good AK47 refers to the first letters of Amy Klobuchar’s name and the fact that had Joe Biden picked Amy for his Vice President, she would have done a much better job handling the Southern Border Crises than VP Harris is doing. In addition, Amy would have been in line to become the 47th President if something happened to Joe Biden.

A Bad AK47 refers to the weapon most commonly used in terrorist and other similar attacks. Joe Biden continues to ignore the Southern Border crises which is allowing an opportunity for many illegal immigrants to enter the US accompanied by weapons, which most likely include the AK47.

Joe Biden And His Supporters Appear Determined To Keep Hubert H. Humphrey’s Legacy Buried

Hopefully, Amy Will Use Some Of That Grit And Determination She Spoke About In Her Presidential Campaign To Give Hubert Humphrey The Recognition He Deserves.

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