In my house when I was a kid there wasn’t a single gun in the house, unless you count my water gun. Amazing that I survived childhood, isn’t it? How was I defended without weapons? After all, the second amendment to the US Constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms. As a matter of fact I do bear arms! They start at my shoulders and go down through my fingers. That’s enough for me. Maybe that’s what the Second Amendment means.

When our kids were young we had a neighbor whose house backed up to ours in our suburban New Jersey town. Her boys, older than our kids, began playing with a b-b gun in their yard, shooting at targets and who knows what else? Enraged, I called this nice lady and asked her to please take the guns away from the boys. They were endangering our kids. She responded that her boys need to know how to handle weapons.

God help us all! Why on earth did these two middle-class boys living in a very nice neighborhood need to know how to handle weapons. For what possible reason? Surely if they joined the military or police there would be ample time and opportunity to teach them. I refused to endorse this idea of shooting in range of my kids and told her it must stop. I must have been pretty convincing.

I wish I could be similarly convincing with the governing bodies of the United States. Let’s be honest: The Second Amendment must be challenged and eliminated. The right to bear arms is just plain crazy. Insane. People are dying every day so that the weapons makers can get rich and politicians can make obscene speeches about our Constitution.

Like you, at a time of crisis I am glued to the news, on TV, radio, internet. The reporters love the Breaking News; so they tell us the facts and then, to keep their ratings aglow, they ask ridiculous questions. The one that I most resent is about motive. Why did a guy stick a gun outside of a hotel window and kill scores of people and injure hundreds more? What was his motive? What would that information do for us? How would it heal the wounds of the injured or calm the souls of the bereaved? Who cares what his motive was. If he was facing bankruptcy or fighting with his girlfriend or had an incurable disease or was depressed, I just don’t care. It could never justify what he did. Nothing could. Ever ever ever!

America it is time for us to repeal the Second Amendment. We have seen children’s blood coursing through the halls of their school in Connecticut. We have seen young people slaughtered in a Florida nightclub. We have seen innocent movie goers in Colorado murdered merely because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Every single day of every single year Americans are killed by the Second Amendment. Every day. I heard a news report about a toddler who was in the back seat of his mother’s car and managed to pick up her gun and fatally shoot his mother in the head while she was driving.

Every year nearly 10,000, American children are killed or severely injured by guns. Our precious children, who we vaccinate, educate, medicate. Our precious children whose every item is scrutinized for defects, whose recalls on everyday products like car seats and baby furniture are, in themselves, an enormous industry; these children are unprotected against guns which can take their lives in a fraction of an instant. Is this not insane? America what is wrong with you?

The NRA must be stopped. They’ve made an enormously profitable business out of killing our people.

Our president works to make us safer by keeping immigrants out of our country. Most of these mass murderers are born and bred Americans. USA! They’re not immigrants. They’re our neighbors. Hopefully not our friends. And they buy these extraordinarily powerful weapons legally. Legally!

So we now dwell on whether the chambermaids in the Las Vegas hotel noticed anything. Or how was this crazy perp allowed to check in with all his weaponry. Like all of this makes a difference to the dead, dying or wounded. It won’t vacuum the bullets out of the bodies. Not every chambermaid is a detective. The hotel reception person is more interested in seeing your credit card than in your cache of guns. And it’s not their fault this happened. It’s the fault of our government which is owned by the NRA,.

Time for America to speak up, stand up, and fight back. Our lives depend on it.

About the Author
Rosanne Skopp is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of fourteen, and great-grandmother of three. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and travels back and forth between homes in New Jersey and Israel. She is currently writing a family history.