Bob Ryan
Bob Ryan

Critical Race Theory is Eugenics

The same failed idea that brought about segregation in the United States, apartheid, National Socialism, to name just a few, is being retitled as Critical Race Theory. Anything given credence that is based on something as innocuous and unimportant as race is giving credence to eugenics.

The only difference between the Nazi beliefs and Critical Race Theory is the order of the races, but Jews remain on the bottom. Those who embrace Critical Race Theory are helping to bring about the increased attacks of Jews around the world, since Jews are seen as something purely European, therefore they are white and at fault for all the ills in the world.

Israel is targeted openly by those who embrace the racial ideology. The truth of Baghdad and other places, including Ethiopian Jews, does not hold as truth to those who believe all Jews are European conquerors, no matter where their lineage originated.

A century ago, there were Jewish populations, in some cases rather large one, throughout Africa, the Middle East and Persia. Most have since been ethnically cleansed. Those once thriving populations or either so small in numbers that they are little more than a shell of who they used to be, or no longer there.

History books in places like the United States do not teach about the attempted genocides of Jewish populations, including Ethiopia. The Jews, despite millions having no ancestral heritage in Europe, are seen as Europeans. They hold to the belief that Jews in Israel have no right to exist, which is why the support for Hamas and other terrorists exists by a large percentage of American Jews and gentiles alike.

There are serious issues that arise from teach Critical Race Theory to children, which is the desire of those who embrace the racist ideology. When you tell children the same thing enough times, such as they will never succeed, eventually they start to believe what they are told.

If you tell children they are racist, which is not only targeting whites and Asians, whose people come in just above Jews and whites, you teach all children that race matters. Racial supremacy of any race, including blacks, is still the belief that eugenics can work.

Right now, the Klan is fractured and broke. The various groups are fighting among each other with the belief that each represents the real Klan. How long will it be, if white children are taught and come to believe they are racist, before someone arises as a leader to unite the Klans into one? If children believe they are racist, it is the Klan they will be drawn to.

Racism is the belief that one race is superior to all others. There is nothing beyond that. Black power is a symbol of black supremacy, which is as filled with hatred as the Klan. Any racial superiority goes back to eugenics.

The reality, which Critical Race Theory cannot accept, is we are all genetically mutts. There is no pure race and, genetically speaking, can never be a pure race. We are not animals where certain imperfections can be bred out of us, but very different from any other animal.

With people, the less genetic material being used from one generation to the next, the greater the risk of genetic problems. Sickle Cell Tay-Sacks are just two devastating examples of many.

To be genetically healthy is to be a mutt.

If one goes back far enough down their lineage, there is a high probability of having Jewish ancestry, no matter where in the world one happens to be from. The Assyrians scattered the tribes, which later faced conversion, most by force. The biggest Jew haters in the world may very well have far more Jewish DNA than many others.

Going back even further, all man arose from Africa. Our origins, for everyone, are African. The idea of the Caucasus being a second origin point creating another group of humans is little more than myth. There is no evidence to support the claim.

Race has nothing to do with ability, despite the propaganda of eugenics, past and present. Wendy Okolo was born in Nigeria and currently works at NASA as a research engineer, and has a brilliant mind. Srinivasa Ramanujan was a self-taught mathematician who advanced the field greatly, despite the animosity of the British during that time towards Indians. These are just two of numerous examples to prove it does not matter who a person is or where they are born. All that matters is their ability.

Our abilities that make us all unique come from God. When we are free to pursuit our talents, there is satisfaction in the work. Contentment comes from doing what we were meant to do.

The idea of some racial purity, be it black, brown, white, etc., is the idea that ability does not matter. Take people without the gift for farming and tell them to grow crops is a surefire way to ensure no food is grown. Take the brush away from the painters and tell them to write novels, you will end up with blank pages. Ability cannot be forced on anyone.

Most people in the United States do not embrace racism of any kind. Interracial marriages happen on a daily basis with children being born with healthier genetics than their parents. The vast majority of Americans do not care when it happens.

The ones who push it the most are the colleges and universities, but they are pushing to have it taught in all schools. When a white liberal talks about all white people being racist, they are referring to their own racism. Rather than take the time to work towards bringing an end to their own racists attitudes, they much prefer to think of everyone being just like them.

Clarence Thomas has a brilliant legal mind. Dr. Carson was a gifted pediatric neurosurgeon. Dr. Katherine Johnson was a brilliant physicist who retired from NASA. Being black had nothing to do with their abilities.

There are brilliant minds all over the world, both men and women. Talent comes from something far more important and deeper than skin and hair. Not all genius shows in the same way, since a poet with no other talent than writing poetry remains a genius.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a science-fiction author and believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
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