Crowd source request: what on earth is Bibi doing?

So it’s true our dearly beloved Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, who the BBC can hardly help themselves but call a hard line, right wing, warmongering, hawk, is set to release just about every Arab who has ever murdered a Jew.

OK people of the web and social media, I’ve got a few ideas as to why, some serious, some not, perhaps you can help me with more suggestions?

  1. Space aliens are controlling his mind;
  2. Obama has promised not to keep helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over Arab countries;
  3. Obama has promised to bomb Iran’s “medical nuclear program” back to the stone age with no further questions asked;
  4. It’s a clever poker move to show everyone, even Jew haters like the EU and American liberal Jews, that Palestinian leadership (such as it is today) doesn’t ever want to live side by side with Jews (because pulling out of Gaza, releasing prisoners, turning over control to the PA, pulling out of Lebanon etc. etc. never really proved this enough);
  5. Bad oysters;
  6. He lost a bizarre sex bet with Tzipi Livni.
  7. He honestly believes that this time he will sit down with Palestinian leadership who will put aside demands they control Jerusalem, demands to re-settle millions of Arabs in Israel and then demand that we Jews stop being Jewish. They’ll do all this and we’ll all live happily ever after, side by side, in peace and harmony;
  8. Medical marijuana;
  9. He’s reviewed the cases of each of the murderers he plans to release and they’ve all become born again Christians (or Jews?) in prison who will renounce all violence in the name of Islam or the Palestinian cause;
  10. We’ll never know, at least not for 50 years or more when they declassify a ton of stuff so why guess.

If you have any better suggestions, leave them in the comments. I’m all tapped out.

Suggestions from the crowd:

  • Freed prisoners are easier to drone – Scott on Twitter
  • The complex internal Israeli politics angle whereby Bibi does bizarre and counter intuitive things to exchange one set of partners for another inside his big, happy, governing tent. It’s like asking to have another go at the lucky car-key dip bowl, when you don’t like the first wife you picked to screw at the wife swapping party.
  • Obama will give Bibi Air Force 1 (with bed) once a month for a weekend and on high holidays.


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