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Cryptocurrency worth watching: CMA

As you may know, there are a ton of great cryptocurrency projects happening.

Yes, many are pretty lame or even useless. Some are even bad apples to be avoided. And some are gems in the rough, worthy of consideration by any crypto investor.

Full Disclosure: I have about a nice AirBnB weekend’s worth of financial interest in the following, among many other crypto projects i invest in, one way or another.

Coin Market Alert (CMA) is the ERC20 based token that helps crypto traders and investors stay on top of their portfolio and any information or event that may effect their holdings.

CMA’s model lets anyone subscribe to alerts that monitor their crypto coins and tokens 24×7. The tokens are relatively inexpensive, so for people trading actively, CMA offers a tremendous value of protection against the risk of not knowing the real, latest conditions on the market.

In addition to letting subscribers choose existing alerts, CMA users can also create their own alerts. And in creating their own alerts they can sell them by subscription to other CMA users, thereby earning CMA tokens simply for sharing their desirable alerts with other cryptocurrency investors.

CMA also allows people to register for free and collect free tokens via a fun, free game, and also via the CMA bounty program, which is outlined on the page that describes their active Token Pre-Sale. CMA is expected to launch onto open market exchanges starting in August.

For more about Coin Market Alert, here’s the official announcement of the CMA token market launch.

I find FinTech solutions like CMA extremely useful for blockchain investment management. And as Coin Market Alert and other very useful tokens come on line, it’s a good sign that larger rates of adoption are on the way.

It is projects like CMA and others which keep me excited and increasingly involved in cryptocurrency. And it’s why my marketing agency has been building and delivering a growing number of products and services for crypto projects around the world, at an accelerating rate.

While the market remains moving mostly sideways during this cryptocurrency winter, there is little to no doubt that the leaders are the ones keeping their heads down and building up the future of currency, commerce, content, collaboration, contracts, cookies and so much more. Even things that don’t start with the letter c!

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