Cunning Allies… The Sheikhdoms and the “Oily Curtain”

Akin to drug addiction, the Arabs and Muslims in general became so familiar with the Palestinian issue to the point that it is inconceivable for them a world without the “Cause” or Al-Kadiyah in Arabic.

Iran has established its overall political and religious  legitimacy in the region through the pledge of annihilating Israel; terror groups in Gaza see in any potential settlement to the conflict an existential threat and a wrongful deviation from the prescribed path of Jihad; the fascist Arab regimes long have made from the conflict a patriotic scenery where they could stage impressive theatrical pieces of heroism in front of their hypnotized subjects through statements of condemnation and gush about their commitment to the holy cause, all the while the indoctrinated Arab masses see in “freeing Palestine” the end of all their misfortunes and hardships.

In that poisonous environment we cannot talk about withdrawals and peace deals, but a sustained state of emergency.

The threat is immense and will be more tangible along the line. The future Islamists will be better militarily equipped across the board and much more determined and gagging for blood. Their military capability and tactics are already depicting a gloomy image of the foreseeable clashes. They are bulking up in all tranquility a terror beast that would not be destroyed completely before causing great damage to cities and killing hundreds if not thousands of civilians.

Akin to former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain waving the piece of paper of Munich agreement with Hitler at Heston Aerodrome (dubbed “peace for our time”), the West has been waving the Islamophobia paper to appease Islamists and their wealthy patrons of the Gulf. The result is that they only get emboldened to carry more horrific attacks.

When they tolerate Islamist antisemitism because it shields itself by the divine word, and allow orators in mosques to call Jews “sons of apes and pigs,” they find themselves compelled to tolerate the emerging white supremacy movements. Islamists, however, show scant regard for the faith of Muslim communities if Europe re-embrace its Nazi past, whereas the few remaining jews of Europe cannot stand another Holocaust.

Now the world is shifting leisurely toward renewable energy; maybe it’s time to consider accelerating the pace of this process and turn the tables on the theocratic powers in the Middle East. We are in the interim period between the fall of an industry and the raise of another, and it is the exact time where the dynamics of survival become extremely active and sensitive, and that applies to the ideology of the doomed part and its activities, too.

Islamist terrorism with all its offshoots from Al-Qaida to ISIS and from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hizb ut-Tahrir  are only byproduct of an ideology manufactured produced and shipped off to the world from the Arabian peninsula— Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait are the main generators and injectors of that midieval disease into the veins of humanity.

An undetected “Iron Curtain”:

When the Western camp was fighting communism, its military intelligence efforts and psychological warfare was directed mainly toward the matrix of the communist world—the USSR. And when it collapsed, the majority of the militant movements, guerilla fighters and political entities in connection with it abandoned the cause and dropped the ideology.

However, the Soviet Union was a vast and poor empire with a declined economy and a population drenched in misery. The Nazis were a declared enemy, with a visible army on the ground that is not masquerading its symbols, ambitions and animosity. Now, does it make any sense to fight ferociously the Waffen-SS of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague while being in a strategic alliance with Hitler in Germany?

By contrast, the Bedouin of Arabia are incredibly loaded, yet they have nominal armies; they act as acquiescent allies; they engage in any peace talks or US-led coalitions, and fit in positively with any political or financial proposal; they host generously several US military bases on their soil; they buy military hardware they do not use, they show enthusiasm to fight terrorism hand in hand with the West; they may even fund those operations and provide intelligence information.

They have wisely befriended former US and European presidents, high-ranking officials, army generals, revered journalists, writers, philosophers and intellectuals, even novelists, actors and singers, and made some of them permanent advisors and consultants. They contribute a great deal of money to world-class universities, and they fund think tanks and prominent research centers worldwide.

How could such generous and obedient ally be the worst an deadliest enemy to modern civilization and an imminent threat to the world order that has ever existed?

It’s not that the US and Western powers really ignore the destabilizing nature of those tribal regimes, but because of the allure of the soft power they are exerting on their powerful allies jointly and separately. And even in times of internal antagonism they make sure that the core of the ideology remains intact and pay careful attention not to let their temporal skirmishes destroy their cherished precious stone— Islamism.

In one hand, their charm offensives campaigns make them shine perpetually, and whitewash any stain of blood on their white Dishdashs. In the other hand their reliance on US protection and their disinterest in building strong armies as well as their limited intellectual capacity draw attention away from their dirty doctrinal work.

However, some opportunists from the West who collaborate with them think that they are bamboozling them, that they are looting the gold from the literate sheikhs who do not know what to do with such mountainous piles of green. That is true only if the sheikhs were still alone in the desert surrounded by camels, but not when they are encircled with cliques composed of well read technocrats and Islamist and pan-Arab intellectuals and theorists who know exactly how to exploit those Westerners in order to serve their ideological goals.

The world economy depends on the stability and peace in the Arabian peninsula, but the rest of the world is increasingly lacking stability and peace. The benefit-to-cost ratio indicates a flagrant fiasco.

Psychologically speaking, there are indications pointing to an eager search for the world attention if not recognition, for an outstanding role at the international arena that would sates their self-conceit:

We are not the old Bedouins held for long time in contempt, we have the tallest skyscrapers, we lead the Muslim world, and we can inflect so much damage to the world. Our warriors do no fear death. We cannot be neglected anymore.

There were times when the world abhorred the Arabs of the Peninsula for being savage nomadic tribes roving the desert looking for rare water wells and bizarre animals to feed upon. They were the last to know about television, the last to ride cars, the last to use perfumed soaps…

Then in the 1970s and 1980s the most fascinating capitals of Europe began to notice those musky newcomers attired in white Dishdashas and black Egals, staying in luxurious hotels, tipping Butlers and doormen with hundreds of dollars and driving Porsches and Ferraris. Then they became aware of their new global position, of the materialistic nature of man, the power of money that could miraculously make their morals, their culture and lifestyle, their beliefs the vogue of modern societies—Taw’an aw Karha (willingly or by force).

About the Author
Taha Lemkhir is a Moroccan writer and photographer. Degree in Arabic literature and Islamic studies. Critic of Islamism. languages: Arabic, English and Spanish. He Lived part of his life as an Islamist— until enlightenment flashed through his heart.
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