Day 48 of the War: My Last Daily Acocount

'Government- it's time for reckoning,'  from the demonstration in Jerusalem on September 23rd, a day prior to Yom Kippur. (courtesy)
'Government- it's time for reckoning,' from the demonstration in Jerusalem on September 23rd, a day prior to Yom Kippur. (courtesy)

The tension is almost unbearable. After a delay, tomorrow, Friday, November 24th, the first group of our hostages in Gaza — children and women — is supposed to be released by Hamas. However, we will only truly breathe easy once we finally see them. I’ve been writing a blog here every day since the beginning of the war because I wanted English-speaking readers to know that there are real people in Israel. On October 7th, I had a feeling that within days, the people around the world would forget about the tragedy that happened to us. It’s a human  nature, if something doesn’t directly affects you, it dissipates. On top of the barbaric evil we encountered, the events of the 7th emphasize how the State of Israel, the army that we relied on, and our world renowned intelligence utterly failed and left us without protection. I won’t even begin speaking about the betrayal by the government, the coalition, and the prime minister who is the culprit, responsible for the tragedy that almost destroyed Israel.

A reckoning is soon to come as we will continue to slowly recover from the pogrom,  our soldiers will still continue to fight, and the Palestinians in Gaza will undoubtedly keep paying the price for the brutality and cynicism of their Hamas leaders, and the state of Israel’s negligence and oblivion throughout the years.

One of the protest leaders, Shikma Schartzman Bressler  often spoke in demonstrations about “the government of the destruction of the house,” referencing the destruction of the second temple. In Hebrew, the word “house” (Bait בית) carries the same meaning. Shikma, of course, could never have imagined such a scenario actually occurring.

However, what this government attempted to do, and fortunately did not succeed in, was to turn us against each other. When the war broke out we all started working together, different groups from the protest led the way in helping everyone in need, effectively replacing the conspicuously absent state. The Brothers In Arms group stayed true to their promise; they were here to stay and devoted the infrastructure they created for the protest against the Judicial overhaul for the war effort. We’ve proven ourselves to be an exceptional nation deserving of decent, professional, and serious leaders. There’s still much to be done, but I am optimistic. This marks my final daily account/journal  of the war, but I shall continue writing my blog. Thank you for reading.

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