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Day 61 Of The War: How Dare You

September 30th 2023, the 39th Shabbat of the Protest against the judicial overhaul (image courtesy of author)
September 30th 2023, the 39th Shabbat of the Protest against the judicial overhaul (image courtesy of author)

The implication of the saying or cliche “don’t wash your dirty laundry in public” is very relevant now amidst the war against Hamas in the south of Israel and Hezbollah in the north. Indeed it gives me no pleasure to write this post. However, we should not forget that the current war which started after the Hamas massacre on October 7th, was supposed to mark the 40th Shabbat of the protest against the Judicial Overhaul. This means that the person currently leading Israel in this war, is the very same man we protested against, claiming that such a corrupt politician with conflicts of interest should not be in charge- a prime minister.

Shortly after the war began, two capable leaders, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eizenkot, joined the war cabinet, because they did not trust the judgment of this extremist government of Israel in time of war, they were right. Everyday we see how this government and coalition disrespect the citizens of Israel and  despise us for doing our utmost to help our country. It’s truly sad that at this time, the most trustworthy individual seems to be the spokesman of the army, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.  Unlike our prime minister, who deceives us every time he opens his mouth, Hagari is doing his best to tell us the truth, and answer questions. 

Yesterday in a recent press conference, Netanyahu declared that the Gaza Strip would be demilitarized after this ongoing war, stating that no international force other than the IDF could be trusted with this task. He emphasized, as he often does, “I won’t agree to any other arrangement.” And I ask, after failing us so miserably and presiding over the worst fiasco in Israel’s history, how dare you claim to speak on our behalf.

Netanyahu managed to win the last election only by joining forces with Jewish extremists and Kahanists, losing legitimacy among most Israeli citizens, including many who have voted for him for years. The other day, I spoke with one of the evacuees from Sderot, now residing in a Tel Aviv hotel. He shared that he and his community have lost faith in Bibi and will never vote for him again.

For anyone outside Israel reading this post, it’s crucial for me to emphasize that Benjamin Netanyahu does not represent me or eighty percent of the citizens of Israel. Many of us eagerly await his resignation or forced removal.

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