Deadlines and Dolphins

Once again the interminable and irrelevant negotiations about the Iranian nuclear program have been put on a further extension while every day, every hour, every minute, the centrifuges in Natanz are spinning and they aren’t spinning cotton into thread.  The so-called great powers are being led down a glowing nuclear path by the Iranian pied pipers of plutonium. Neville Chamberlain, at the very least, was duped by a master of lies and a fear of repeating the massive death and destruction of what had been called the Great War. I must assume that the evidence of the damages to Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been obliterated from the consciousness ( if any exists at all) from those individual  ministers and their handlers as they dance to an orchestrated Persian polka.

On September 10, 2014, an article published by Iran Watch entitled, “Iran’s Nuclear Timetable,” the previous director of Iran’s nuclear program, Fereidun Abbasi (recently replaced by the current director, Ali Akbar Salehi) stated that Iran currently possesses 18,000 centrifuges of which 1,000 are the more advanced IR-2m centrifuges which are installed at Natanz “would allow Iran to produce weapon grade uranium more quickly.” In fact, “By using the approximately 9000 first generation centrifuges operating at Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant, Iran could theoretically produce enough weapon-grade plutonium to fuel a single nuclear warhead in about 1.7 months.”

Furthermore, according to the article, ” Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium is  now sufficient, after further enrichment, to fuel approximately SEVEN NUCLEAR WARHEADS”(capitalization by IEB).

Now I am certain that these facts, along with whatever has remained classified in these negotiations, along with other facts that are privy only to the powers involved, must be well known and documented. So, why the continuing delays and obfuscations? Why a diplomatic track has been adopted when the overwhelming evidence has clearly demonstrated that Iran is on the path to producing nuclear weaponry? As Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, so aptly stated on more than one interview with the international media, Iran is building Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles(ICBM) and  the only reason for these rockets is to deliver nuclear warheads. As he said, the Iranians don’t need ICBMs to hit Tel Aviv, but they do need them to target New York, London, Washington DC and a myriad of capital cities and important military bases around the world.

The mullahs in Iran already have manufactured Medium Range Ballistic Missiles (MRBM) which can carry five cluster munitions warheads that can be targeted onto five separate targets. The SHAHAB 3 has a range of 1930 kms(1158 miles) which can reach any possible target in the Middle East, not excluding Saudi Arabia, which has United States military bases, the oilfields of Iraq and Kuwait, and, of course, Israel. MRBMs can be fitted with nuclear warheads. The Iranians have also begun production of ICBMs known as the SHAHAB 4 and the SHAHAB 5 which have yet to be tested, that is, tested and the information made available to the public.

So,  with the constant moving down the field of the “deadline” it is relevant, I believe, to understand the ,origins of that word. Of course, it is used by newspaper editors, teachers and professors requesting book reports and term papers and broadcast producers. But what is its original interpretation and usage?

“Most etymologists agree that the word “deadline” first appeared during the American Civil war (1861-1865). According to author Christine Ammer, deadline was coined at the hellish Andersonville, Georgia prison camp, and first appeared in writing in the report of Confederate Inspector-General, Col. D.T. Chandler, on July 5th, 1864, in describing the horrific conditions. he famously wrote”

” The Federal prisoners of war are confined within s stockade…..a railing around the inside of the stockade, and about 20 feet from it constitutes the “deadline” beyond which the prisoners are not allowed to pass.”

A deadline, in other words, is an impassable obstacle which is meant to halt any progress beyond it. It is an impermeable border whose crossing meant, for these hapless men, immediate death. A deadline, once established is meant to be final. During the negotiations among the great powers and the Iranian delegations, deadlines have been moved again and again in the vain pursuit of, from their inception which has been aimed towards the reduction of Iranian capabilities to enrich uranium.  The point being that their programs cannot be capable to produce fissionable material necessary for the production of weapons-grade materials. And similar to the Holocaust, while every excuse was made not to bomb the rail heads leading to the extermination centers, not to bomb Auschwitz and Birkenau,while thousands of Jews were slaughtered and today, thousands of centrifuges keep spinning-the aims of both-to exterminate Jews–to continue the Final Solution and murder another six million Jews in the State of Israel. This aim is shouted, not only by millions of Iranian civilians, but openly and frequently promised by the Iranian leadership.

David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of the State of Israel said, “When the Nazis said that they were going to exterminate the Jews, no one believed him. When Nasser(the late president of Egypt) said he was going to destroy Israel, we believed him.” Today. Nasser has been replaced by Ayatollah Khameini, We MUST believe him.

As many have attempted to demonstrate, military strategists far more adept at war gaming than this writer, different scenarios as to how Israel can eliminate the possibility of an Iranian attack by nuclear weaponry, The problem, however, is not to wait until Iran has that capability, but how does a nation use its armed might to prevent that from coming to fruition.  Israel has previously demonstrated, on two occasions, its determination to defend itself against the possibility of atomic weaponry falling on her territory..

The successful operations of the Israel Air Force against the Osirak nuclear reactor in Baghdad in June, 1981 and the destruction of the Syrian reactor in 2007, has made it perfectly clear that Israel, regardless of foreign opposition and threats, will do what is necessary to protect and defend her existence.

However, an aerial operation against all of the nuclear facilities in Iran is probably way beyond one nations’ capabilities. There are assumed to be anywhere from fifteen to twenty separate facilities in this project, some of which are obviously well defended, even hidden is areas deemed impervious to attack.  As the case of Fordow demonstrated, even vaunted intelligence agencies of some modern states had no knowledge of its existence and with all their imagined economic and political pressure, there are still Iranian facilities that have denied inspection by the International Atomic Energy Association(IAEA) by “neutral” observers.

Which leads me in another direction-hasn’t anyone ever developed a scenario whereby only those plants which are specifically designed for the production of plutonium targeted? The only use for plutonium, the product of highly enriched uranium, is for weaponry. It has no medical purpose, it is highly toxic. It is not used in diagnostic medical machinery, it cannot be exposed to the air and all it does is produce destruction.

No other nation, with the exception of my tiny, Jewish country, seems to be taking the danger of a nuclear Iran seriously. For no other nation is threatened with politicide( the death of a state) and the total extermination of its entire population.. Therefore, it will be upon the shoulders of my country to inevitably, remove this threat from the world, or Israel bear the consequences of inaction. For Israel, ergo, the only option for our survival is to pre-empt the danger.

How? The strategists have brilliantly laid out scenarios by which an aerial assault faces a myriad of difficulties, so what other means can Israel employ to safeguard her survival?

Anyone ever hear of a Dolphin? No, I don’t mean that intelligent sea creature but a highly advanced technological marvel known as a Dolphin-class submarine which is now in the service of our Israel Navy.

Our submarine service, whose many exploits are still classified, is capable of operating from the depths of the sea, or Persian Gulf, and launching a strike against any chosen target within the range of its advanced weaponry. According to the Global Strategic Digest’

“The four larger 25.5 inch diameter torpedo tubes could be used to launch a long range nuclear capable submarine launched cruise missile (SLCM). According to some reports the submarines may be capable of carrying nuclear armed POPEYE turbo cruise missiles with the goal of deterring an enemy from trying to take out its nuckear weapons with a surprise attack.”

Now, no one has openly stated that Israel possesses nuclear weapons, but the Dolphin submarines, the most expensive single item ever bought by the IDF, at ONE BILLION DOLLARS each, are designed as a significant second strike platform against any attack by weapons of mass destruction (WMD) upon Israel.

Furthermore, with the POPEYE TCM(Turbo Cruise Missile)  with an effective range of 1500 kms (900 miles) any of these weapons would be capable of reaching the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility from the Persian Gulf as Natanz is less than 600 miles from the Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas, well within range of the missile.

Definitely there would be repercussions of a serious nature against Israel for carrying out such an attack. Besides, there might not be the need to employ a nuclear warhead on the TCM as American TOMAHAWK cruise missiles have been highly effective against targets in Iraq and Afghanistan employing 1000 pound conventional warheads. My allusion is that launching POPEYE TCMs launched from a submerged platform removes the risk to our precious pilots’ lives and makes the necessity of over flying enemy territory and the possibility of being detected and shot down, unnecessary. Too many people, even within Israel, have discounted the power and technological acumen of our naval forces.

Deadlines mean danger and Dolphins might provide the defense.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.