Elizabeth Browder

Dear Anti-Israel crowd:

Dear Anti Israel crowd:

If you think you are fooling anyone, think again. You hide behind “Pro Palestinian, Anti Israel” mask. You whine about human rights. You cry about everything Israel does. You laugh when people ask you if you hate Jews. You have no problem with Jews.

Then, this happens: You attend a “pro Palestinian” protest in Paris, Seattle, Boston, and the mask falls. You suddenly forget you are supposed to be protesting something Israel does. You suddenly shout, “Death to Jews”, “Jews are beasts’. You hold signs that compare Jews to Nazis. You hold signs that show pictures of Jews eating Gentile children. You justify it by saying you are protesting Israel.

But, if you are protesting Israel, riddle me this: WHY ARE YOU TARGETING ONLY JEWS? Israel is a multicultural country. Israel’s population is 20% NON JEWISH. Israel treats all citizens equally, no matter their religion.

So, Anti Israel people: are you protesting Israel or are you showing us what you really are? Are you showing us that you are really an AntiSemite? Your mask has fallen. The world now knows you don’t care about the Palestinians. You hate Jews..and that, ironically, makes you like the Nazis.


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Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.