Jose Lev Alvarez Gomez

Dear ‘International Court of Justice’

Dear International Court of Justice:

Thank you so much for such a waste of time; for judging my country without factual arguments.

That said, here I have some questions I would like you to respond to:

1-Has Myanmar’s murderous regime been taken to the Hague for its mass murders?

2-Has the Al-Assad regime been taken to the Hague for its more than 100,000 assassinations (including more than 3,000 Palestinians) since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War?

3-Has the despot and reprehensible former head of the KGB and now Tzar of Russia, Vladimir Putin, paid for his mass murders in Chechnya and Bucha?

4-Has the Ayatollah’s regime been brought before international criminal law for its repression against Arab, Kurdish, and Sunni minorities, or the ruthless death penalty for homosexuals in the Persian country?

5-Has Erdogan’s “Pseudo Ottoman Empire” (yes, the ‘fifth column’ of NATO that preferred to buy S-400 missiles from Russia rather than have F-35 planes; thus betraying the United States and the West) been condemned for its persecution and mass murder of Armenians, Greeks, and Kurds, in addition to being the center of operations for ISIS and Hamas?

6-Has Maduro’s regime -financier of the active remains of the FARCS and the ELN in Colombia, and the main distributor of Hezbollah’s cocaine worldwide thanks to the “Cartel de Los Soles”- paid for the persecution and assassination of their political enemies?

7-Has your religious advisor -the betrayer Peronist, Mr. Bergoglio- fiercely criticized the persecution of Catholics in Nicaragua and the repression against the opposition perpetrated by the Sandinista dictatorship?

8-Do you consider that post-Mandela South Africa, which kidnaps and kills the white minority (as the Afrikaans themselves did during apartheid), has the morals to judge a country that, an hour before bombing an area controlled by the Islamic Jihad or Hamas -from where missiles are launched against Israeli territory; don’t forget this fact!- inform the civilians so they can evacuate the area?

Or is it a coincidence that only 0.8 people die in each bombing? What army in the world does this; were the 18 deaths caused per bombing that the Americans carried out in Iraq (for a horrifying total of 800,000 civilian deaths) “less bad”? How many times has the United States been tried for this in The Hague?

Doubtlessly, you are all hypocrites who want the Arabs in Gaza and Ramallah to have “a victory” for the first time and thus justify -through your interpretation of international law- your hatred towards the Jews.

Just as the UN did in 1975 when they determined that “Zionism was a form of racism”, you now seek – through a communist and biased court – to justify all the resolutions that your sister entity yielded against a country (with only 10 million people; of which almost 1.5 are Arab) that fits 595 times in the Arab world.

You are just helping the Palestinians to clean their legacy and their image after perpetrating the Israeli 9/11 with 1,400 civilian babies, children, and adults slaughtered and 400 others kidnapped.

You just want this group of Syrians and Lebanese (countries where the “Palestinians” do not even have the local nationality and are ‘stateless people’) to be able to have “something” after their economic, political, and social failure due to their radicalization and a metastasized form of cancer called HATE.

Now, do you know why the Arab countries do not want the Palestinians within their borders? Oh, of course, again, you are just ignoring history.

However, I will refresh your memory: in Jordan, the Palestinians tried to overthrow the King -with the support of the Syrian tanks- and after being defeated, they were kicked out of the country. In Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, they were kicked out after they supported and even joined Saddam Hussein during the Kuwait invasion in 1991. In Lebanon, they persecuted the Christian Maronites and caused a civil war, while in Tunisia they brought radical Islam alongside them.

That said, is anyone surprised by the fact that no Arab country (including Egypt; which closed the Gaza-Sinai border and the Rafah crossing indefinitely) wants to receive them?

Stop being hypocrites and stand by the truth, שקרנים!


Jose Lev

About the Author
Jose Lev Alvarez Gomez, BS, MA, MA, MD, Sgt. (Ret) is an Israeli who completed a B.S. in Neuroscience, Israel Studies, and Pre-Med Track at The American University (Washington, District of Columbia) and a bioethics course at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts). After his undergraduate studies, he went on to become a sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces - Special Forces Unit 888, obtained a medical degree and completed two master's degrees: Applied Economics at UNED (Madrid, Spain) and International Geostrategy and Jihadist Terrorism at INISEG (Madrid, Spain). Currently, he is completing two more master’s degrees: Security and Intelligence Studies at Bellevue University (Bellevue, Nebraska) and Clinical Psychiatry at the European University of Madrid. Lev speaks eight languages, has written more than 180 academic papers/books/independent research projects/opinion articles/theses, is a member of multiple academic/medical organizations, and collaborates with several newspapers and journals. His professional interests are academia, applied economics/businesses, Israel studies, medicine, and scientific dissemination. José is a believer that in a diverse world, human beings are obliged to have multiple skills and varied knowledge to effectively contribute to their societies.
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