Dear John: I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year

Wikipedia: “A ‘Dear John letter’ is a letter written to a husband or boyfriend by his spouse or significant other to inform him their relationship is over, usually because the author has found another lover.”

Dear John,

Please excuse me for my forwardness in addressing you by your first name. Somehow it seems appropriate. For one thing, you’ve been to Israel so many times of late, I feel as if we should now be on a first name basis. For another thing, it’s the custom to write a Dear John letter when one partner feels the need to sever the relationship. As I do.

I understand you’re mulling over the idea of a direct appeal to the Israeli populace regarding your “peace” proposal. Reports have it that you’ve openly discussed the idea with Bibi’s staff, so as to preclude the accusation you’re attempting to undercut Israel’s elected Prime Minister. That leaves me with two possible conclusions.

1) Bibi needs you to get the Israeli people onboard with your plan so his government won’t fall when he signs on the dotted line. He’s ready to sign over the Jordan Valley and other disputed territories in exchange for a worthless piece of paper that will get you, Dear John, a Nobel Prize, and get us, the Israeli people, a lot of dead folk to bury.

2) Bibi has no choice in the matter. You’re going to ram this thing through—this agreement— whether Israel likes it or not. By bringing your appeal to the Israeli people, you’re attempting to undercut Israel’s elected leader, but by stating to the media that you’re in open discussions with the Israeli Prime Minister’s staff, you give the appearance that you can’t possibly be going over Bibi’s head, since he KNOWS what you’re planning to do. Even though you ARE going over his head, which can certainly be accomplished even if he’s aware of that fact.

I don’t think the first conclusion holds merit, since my impression is that Bibi hopes to stall things and drag them out as long as possible—hopefully until a new administration inhabits the White House—one more favorable to Israel—and let me tell you, John—ANY U.S. administration would be better for Israel than this one. Meanwhile you, Dear John, are trying to make this agreement happen ASAP.

The question is how long can Bibi hold out? It helps, rather than hurts that the Middle East is constantly in flux. Things can change in the blink of an eye and those changes might boost Bibi’s delaying tactics. Or not.

As for the second conclusion, well, that’s much more plausible. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. When President Obama came to Israel, for example, he undercut Israel’s elected government in much the same way. Instead of speaking to Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, as would have been customary, not to mention appropriate, President Obama instead spoke to dewy-eyed leftist college students (no Ariel students allowed!) in an anonymous, apolitical conference hall.

It was a maneuver that largely worked. President Obama knew how to handpick his crowd. He knew that he could pull the wool over Israeli eyes too young to have seen this before: an anti-Israel president professing undying support for Israel while talking about poor “Palestinian” children who don’t get to “grow up in a state of their own” which, by the way, would have happened if their ancestors hadn’t refused to accept Partition. But let’s not quibble over facts.

John, there’s something I have to tell you. Something that deep down, you know in your heart. These agreements are worth as little signed as they are unsigned.

It’s not just that the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, as Abba Eban famously said, it’s something else altogether. It’s this:

1) The Arabs don’t want peace. They want territory—the entirety of Israel—and they want the Jews gone, preferably dead. They say so all the time. There is no reason not to believe them. No signature on a piece of paper will change this.

2) Even if you manage to get Israel to sign such a paper, it will be meaningless. Because the land of Israel is not the sole property of this current generation but belongs to all Jews, everywhere and at every time, now and in the future. All of it.

According to your Wikipedia page, John, you’re a practicing Catholic. As such, you know that God promised Israel to the Jews, the indigenous people of Israel. And you know that no piece of paper can ever nullify this fact.

I’ve come to the conclusion, John, that I can no longer live like this—live this LIE. I’m nobody important. I’m just a writer at a nonprofit with a silly name, Kars4Kids. It’s likely you’ll never even see these words. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to tell you straight out:

I’m breaking up with you, John.

This is an abusive relationship. You say “Jump” and Israel says, “How high?” like a whipped dog.

This can’t continue.

The Prime Minister has his lackeys to do the job for him. He has Yaalon and Bennett to speak the truth in his stead so it looks like he’s playing along with your plan. But I have no lackeys to speak for me. And the responsibility lies heavily on my shoulders. So I’m laying it out for you straight, John.

You can no longer convince me that building a home prevents peace.

You can no longer convince me that releasing Jew-murderers from prison brings peace.

And you can’t cut up my country and give any part of it away.

I’ve found another lover. It’s Israel.

Please don’t contact me again.


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