Dear London

A reminder to London: Do not use excessive force in response to terror stabbings.

There have only been 82 of them (plus 30 shootings, 651 Molotov cocktails and 12 car rammings) in Israel — also with a population of 7 million — in October and November.

Recognise the legitimacy of stabbing civilians in the name of radical Islam and don’t forget that if you harm them whilst defending yourselves, it becomes a cycle of violence and they too are victims.*

On a more serious note, stay safe people, but take a lesson from Israel: don’t let the terrorists win.

Keep using the tube and going all to your normal places.

Keep your eyes open, but don’t keep looking over your shoulder.

Listen to advice from the police and authorities but don’t bother yourself with all the scaremongering on social media.

Someone comes at you with a knife, run. But there’s no need to be scared of everyone who wears a hijab.

If you want to know how to help save a life after a stabbing, check out this video from Magen David Adom, Israel’s first aid service, with English subtitles.


*Satire. Please, please don’t interpret that bit wrong.

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Dror Wayne stresses the importance of constructiveness, believing that blogging simply to criticise is a waste of bytes and debating for the sake of debate is a waste of time.
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