Dear President Trump: Send Her Back – Dear Bibi : Lock Her Up


Rep. Omar this week called for the impeachment process against President Trump to begin. And then on Wednesday, after the house rejected this, Trump was quoted as saying as he arrived in North Carolina for a campaign rally,

“You see the overwhelming vote against impeachment and that’s the end of it,”  He called the effort the “most ridiculous project I’ve ever been involved in.

At the rally, whenever the name of the 4 “Squad” members, who sit in Congress and to whom I refer to as the PLO, were mentioned, a loud chorus of boos rang out from the crowd. And for Omar, they had reserved a special chant “Send Her Back. Send Her Back”

On July 17, an article by Laura Kelly appeared in the Jewish Insider which stated the following-

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said she’ll be traveling to Israel and the Palestinian Territories in a few weeks, calling it an opportunity to learn more about the situation on the ground, “occupation,” and best ways forward on a two-state solution.

“I am going in a couple of weeks and so I’ll learn more,” Omar told Jewish Insideron Wednesday. “But truly, everything that I hear points to both sides feeling like there is still an occupation.”


Just by saying that, Omar, who is a passionate BDS supporter, now makes a statement that is BDS – Being Darn Stupid. How can anyone expect to believe Omar as an observer when she uses the term occupation.

If the Palestinians would lay down their weapons and stop attacking Israel then Gaza would be a better place. The Palestinians would live in peace with the Israelis like the American Indians live with the white man as they do today; and then there would clearly be no problems.


But under that Hijab ( Hate Israel Jews America Benjamin) Omar is really only a representative of the PLO. I said in my previous Blog that the PLO in Congress are now thinking of ways to begin their next attack. It looks like Omar is the head spy coming to carry out that mission. She will most likely look for the worst examples to show the world about how Israel treats Arabs and the best examples in Gaza to show the world to reinforce the lies that spew out of her mouth that Israel is occupying anything.


She is the last person that Israeli’s want to see right now, but again it seems she is too stupid to understand that.


Now just stop and think about the statement that Omar said about Israel practicing Apartheid a while back.


If Israel practices Apartheid then Omar would not and should not be allowed in our country because Omar is Black herself.


If Israel practices Apartheid then Omar better hope that she does not suffer any medical crisis because she would then have to be attended to by a hospital outside of Israel that would take care of her needs, if she can find one. It was forbidden for blacks to use a hospital during those Apartheid years in white areas.

And also Omar, when you come, could you bring a donation with you for the new wing of the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital that is being built, which is used everyday by both Arabs and Palestinians.


If Israel practices Apartheid then when Omar lands at the airport she must expect to go into a separate line for blacks.


Is Israel practices Apartheid then when Omar needs the rest room, she must expect to use only those marked for blacks.


If Israel practices Apartheid, then she must carry her ID papers around with her at all times because if the Police would catch her, then she will be as she calls it in “Good Trouble”. And oh yes Omar, please remember to bring those papers along that verify who you are married to since you don’t want to ever talk about it to the US press.  Maybe Mossad,  the national intelligence agency of Israel , can help you figure it out.


And just remember during Apartheid,  it was forbidden for blacks and whites to be seen together. If a black was able to enter the white areas, then they had simple jobs like maid, janitor, etc. So Omar, you had better bring some work clothes if you are lucky enough to get into our country.


Speaking of which, if you do get a chance to go to Jerusalem and pray at the Western Wall, maybe then you will know the feeling of all Israelis like myself  that trying to negotiate a peace deal with Palestinians is like “Talking To The Wall”.

Which reminds me of the following joke-

What is the difference between a PLO member and an American Indian?

The answer is simple-

When you give an American Indian a peace pipe to make peace, he smokes it, shakes hands and there is a genuine peace.

When you give a PLO member a peace pipe, he takes it apart to build more tunnels and any peace agreement which is made goes up in smoke!!!!!


I could list many other examples of Apartheid but I’m sure I have made my point about her statement regarding Israel practicing Apartheid.


So if Omar is planning a trip, maybe she should consider going back to Minnesota’s 5th district which she is supposed to represent, and to which she has spent little time talking about since she entered office. There she will find lots of work to do to clean up the terrorism plaguing Minneapolis which has become the largest terrorist recruiting area according to the FBI.


But if Omar still insists on going to visit Israel, then please Congress buy her one way tickets for her whole family.  Because as she arrives at Ben Gurion Airport then Bibi  should be accompanied by Mossad agents to lock her up and charge her with spying for the PLO – both in the Palestinian territories and the PLO Squad in Congress.


Then maybe that –


Will Make America and Congress more Peaceful Again.


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Born and raised in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. Married to a South African, we lived in Johannesburg from 1979 to 1996. Made Aliyah with our seven children on Parshat Lech Lecha. BSB Accounting Degree from the University of Minnesota. Investment Portfolio Manager /Fundamental And Technical Analyst. Wrote in-depth research on companies, markets, commodities for leading financial publications. Served in the US Army Reserves Semi Retired spending quality time with my wife, children, grandchildren and attend Kollel while analyzing current events as they relate to Torah and Mitzvahs.
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