Bryan E. Leib
Pro-Israel Jewish American

Dear United Nations: This is your chance

Surprise, surprise (well, not really) – because of President Donald J. Trump and the Trump administration, the Pro-Israel US mission to the UN led by Ambassador Nikki Haley is on the verge of an unprecedented PRO-ISRAEL resolution passing the United Nation’s General Assembly.  In what will probably be Ambassador Haley’s last official action before departing the United States Mission to the United Nations, she will present a resolution condemning Hamas to the UN General Assembly on Friday.

This move comes after Ambassador Haley voted against a UN Resolution condemning Israeli control of the Golan Heights. This is the first time that the US Mission to the UN shifted from abstaining to actually voted against the resolution.

Over the years, the United Nations has established themselves as an Anti-Israel body while refusing to condemn the Palestinians for their own human rights violations. The real culprit for the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is none other than the government the Palestinian people inside Gaza elected: Hamas.

Rumor has it that Ambassador Haley and Israel Ambassador to the U.N, Danny Dannon are now revising the resolution to reflect language that our European allies are requesting – without diluting the core of the resolution’s intention. This is a VERY positive sign that we will have support from the EU. If we have support from the EU – I predict that this resolution will pass the General Assembly. Furthermore, I predict that we will see Arab nations also voting with the US on this resolution.

When this resolution passes the UN General Assembly, my wish is that every Jewish-American who refuses to acknowledge that President Trump has been most supportive United States President in the last 50 years of the Jewish State of Israel – finally realizes that the Jewish State has no greater friend than President Trump.  Even if this resolution doesn’t pass, the same should apply. The President has displayed through words and actions, time and time again, that he will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish people and our homeland, Israel.

Based on reporting from Israel Hayom, the draft resolution contains language like:

  • condemns Hamas for repeatedly firing rockets ‎into Israel and for inciting violence
  • demands that Hamas and ‎other militant actors cease all provocative actions and violent ‎activity
  • Violent activity defined as: arson campaign, and calls for the cessation of all forms of ‎violence against medical and humanitarian personnel
  • reaffirms its support for a ‎just, lasting and comprehensive peace between Israelis and ‎Palestinians, based on international law.

Let’s pray that this historic resolution passes in the General Assembly on Friday. Ambassador Nikki Haley: the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel will forever be in your debt for your leadership, fortitude and unwavering commitment to stand up for what is right and just; the future of the Jewish people. I will never forget your words at AIPAC’s Annual Conference in March, ‘Jerusalem was, is, and will always be the capital of Israel’

Thank you for everything Ambassador Haley! Praying for a big win on Friday!

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Bryan E. Leib was born in Philadelphia, raised in South Jersey and currently resides in Philadelphia. He was the 2018 Republican Candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of Pennsylvania & he is the former Treasurer of the Philadelphia Young Republicans. He serves as a board member of the Jewish National Fund - JNFuture Philadelphia Chapter and the Young Friends of the National Museum of American Jewish History. He is also a member of the Jewish National Fund Speakers Bureau. Follow him on Twitter: @LeibforPA
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