Dear World, we get it you hate us

Dear World we get it you hate us!!

As a nation, a people, a culture, we as Jews have given the world many things including cures for diseases, the arts, the law, the belief in one god. It appears that even Shakespeare may have been a front for the real playwright who was a hidden Jewish woman.

We have given so much to the world and yet we ask nothing of it in return except to live in peace. A simple thank you would have been enough but your “presents” of racism, anti-Semitism, blood libels, pogroms’, holocausts have been noted.
For thousands of years we have been blamed for killing someone’s god, kidnapping non-Jewish kids draining their blood. We have been tortured, forcibly converted, faced expulsion from the countries we loved. We have been thrown in ovens, gassed, mass murdered. We have been the world’s scapegoat.

I am not overly religious but when I do go to Synagogue whether it is Orthodox to reform, I marvel at our services. They speak nothing but peace, tranquility, brotherhood. We don’t proselytize, we accept, we don’t’ judge others religion, at least most of us. We believe in the goodness, the potential of man.

Whether or not you believe in a deity or not, the Jewish religion is peaceful, loving, civil, and just. We were environmentalists before being an environmentalist was cool. We are the mother, the father of most major religions yet we are scorned, hated, tortured and picked on.

Israel was born on the ashes of the murder of one third of the Jewish people. They built what was once a malarial swamp by the hands of refugees who escaped the hell that their brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles faced. There have been Jews living in what is now Israel for thousands of years. Jews who lived in the diaspora yearned for their home. This land, this Jewish Oasis, is a little sliver, an island with a palm tree among a vast sea of land.

Jews created a miracle in this tiny speck of land by turning a desert into a livable paradise. Israel is fast becoming the world’s innovator in technology, medicine, and the arts.

Israel is a country who is at the forefront of leading technologies, medicine and the arts. Yet this tiny little country, this small nation, are the world’s pariahs.
Ban Ki Moon of South Korea joins in the chorus of condemnation of Israel for doing what any Country in the world would do, protect its people.
The world focuses its wrath on the impossible task that Israel faces in rooting out terrorists who are firing missiles from civilian areas while they remain deaf, dumb and blind towards the horrors in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Where are the letters about the Christian genocide now going on in Syria, Iraq and parts of Africa?

Where are the protests from clueless celebrities like Javier Barden, Penelope Cruz, Roger Waters, and Selena Gomez about the slaughter of over 150000 Syrians?

The world protested Israel’s blockade of cement and other materials to Gaza but has amnesia now that we have learned that Hamas used that cement and materials to build tunnels for no other purpose but to kidnap and kill innocent Israelis. That cement could have been used to build infrastructure, hospitals, and schools. They do this while hundreds of thousands are murdered worldwide, starved and oppressed.
There is no country in the world who is obligated to arm, supply and enable its enemy especially when that enemy has sworn to destroy it.
Yes it isn’t easy being a Jew. It isn’t easy being an Israeli. If you are a Jew they want to convert you to their God or in the end perish, while the other religion wants you to convert or be murdered here on earth. Both major religions offer the promise of paradise in some form or other for either converting or killing Jews in the end.

If you are a Jew or an Israeli you have the world question whether you have the “right”, the “right” to even exist. Yet through thousands of years of the same thing from a world that has learned nothing we, the few, have and will survive.

We have our own Country now and we will defend it. Even when our fellow Jews who don’t’ take the time to know what is going on drop off the radar and give in to the mob mentality, we will still fight. Why?
We fight because it is the right thing to do.
It is moral it is just, and if life has any meaning to it we fight and we survive or… we die physically, and in our soul.
Dear world we get it you hate us. That is fine you don’t deserve what we have given you. What we would really like is to be left alone in our little sliver of desert to live our lives as Jews, as humans.

It is pretty obvious that you cannot handle that so here is a tip we are not going to go quietly like we have in the past. We may be peaceful, loving and in general don’t’ want to bother anybody, but we are not stupid. This time we are not going to go down without a fight you can count on it.
Am Yisrael Chai Israel Lives
Thank you


About the Author
Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.
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